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May 31 2006

Firefly Reaches 20,000 Votes on TV_Vote: Best 5. Firefly has reached 20,000 votes on TV_Vote: Best 5, a site dedicated to finding the 5 most popular tv shows ever made. On the top of the main page is a slideshow congratulating browncoats.

Firefly is currently in 9th place, with Angel in 12th and Buffy in 16th. We can vote every 60 minutes, so please head on over and help Whedon's shows reach the top 5!

It's good the Whedon shows being so high, but this poll really is a load of absolute rubbish. There is no way Charmed is better than The Simpsons.
There is no way Charmed is better than The Simpsons.

Such is the power of fans voting as many times as they can get away with it. These things are utterly ludricious. Look my fandom is more active than your fandom.
Ahem. A website with "Stuff That Ballot Box" with adverts everywhere...
There is no way Charmed is better than The Simpsons.

Both the same quality in my book. What I want to know is how in the h-e-double hockey sticks anyone could put Xena anywhere near the top of a list unless it the list title includes "sucks," "horrid," or "mind-numbing."
The Xena fanbase is still pretty much active last time I looked. And besides Xena's a lot of fun to watch.
What I want to know is where the heck did all those "Man From Uncle" fans come from?
Well, good showings by Firefly and Angel, I'm very disappointed in Buffy's showing however! Xena was a nice show, fun to watch...but #1???!! And by a huge margain?! Glad to see one of my favorites, La Femme Nikita, finally get some credit...the best non-Whedon show ever imo!
Agree with you there Calledon. I really enjoyed Xena but there are many shows I liked a lot more. I also figure that because three of those shows are Joss Whedon shows that they are much more loved than some of the top rated ones - it's just that we can only pick one!
Hmm, David McCallum as Illya Kurakin.
But I voted for Firefly, wiped out my cookies and voted again.
"Hmm, David McCallum as Illya Kurakin."

Yeah, right there with ya, Lioness, but it still does not beat BtVS in my book...and actually Firefly doesn't either. ;-)
Not even in the top 5? Weeeeak. Come on, Browncoats, when was the last time we lost a poll?

Get Voting!
Votes input for the same show by the same visitor more than once every sixty minutes are automatically eliminated and will not be counted. Multiple votes generated by script, macro or other automated or mechanical means will not be counted. New totals are tabulated and posted regularly. Come back and vote again!

Heh, so you're actually supposed to vote multiple times on this? That's pretty ridiculous (although it might be better to be upfront about it happening then pretending it doesn't). I'm not going to bother voting, but good luck to anyone willing to try to get Firefly and/or any other Whedon show to the top position ;-).
My anti-virus software told me it blocked a worm when I went there. Beware, I suppose.
In a Y!Group I recommended this site to I had a member state that his Norton detected a worm as well. So Users beware and becareful.

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