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June 01 2006

So what about the rest of the casting for Wonder Woman? Allan Heinberg, who is writing the new Wonder Woman comic book and who also wrote for The O.C. and Gilmore Girls, has a few suggestions as to who could play the likes of Queen Hippolyta and Donna Troy.

Believe when I say it makes a change from who should play the lead.

Actually, Allan does mention who he likes to play WW in the Ares entry.

Maybe they can cast him in the sequel.
Lena Olin would be great. Even though she was an *evil* mama on Alias I still always felt a maternal warmth from her character. She would be fantastic. The others...meh.
I really liked Lina Olin in Alias, She is a very suble actor, I found.
Do we even know Joss wrote them into the script?
I hate this kind of silly speculation. It's about the writing, not "name brand" actors.
I so hope we don't get "name brand" casting. A cast with the likes mentioned in the link would put me off big time. I'd still see it, because it's Joss (as long as he didn't have it wrested away & reworked by the studio, that is), but really. A cast of unknowns would be far better. I know that wouldn't necessarily drag in big audience figures, but you'd hope thw Wonder Woman brand itself might be able to do that, rether than "star" casting.
I hate this kind of silly speculation.

You just wait till the new silly Wonder Woman speculation that should be happening here shortly. You aint seen nothing yet *grins*.

And with regards to the article I linked to, I thought it was cool to see what a comic book writer would come up with as opposed to the usual hacks producing the same old drivel.
Always fascinating to see the bizarre backlash against harmless speculation this WW topic always gets. Still not sure where the harm lies in talking about what actors/actresses we might like to see in a given role. I mean how much "silly speculation" has there ever been over what Joss' next project might be? Or what the status of the Spike spin-off is? Or what the real behind-the-scenes story with Charisma and Mutant Enemy was?

Harmless speculation... nothing more. *shrug*
Lena Olin! Yes! I just netflixed Romeo is Bleeding and it should arrive today. Lena Olin and Gary Oldman in starring roles? I can't wait!
Movies love them some publicity. People talking is good. Makes that buzz sound studios like...
"Lena Olin! Yes! I just netflixed Romeo is Bleeding and it should arrive today. Lena Olin and Gary Oldman in starring roles? I can't wait! "

Maybe all the supporting roles could be done by actor's whose names start with "o"...

Seriously though, an unknown for WW and a supporting cast of "names" is a tried and true formula that seems like it would make sense. The question is, would Joss be able to stand dealing with "stars" or would his head explode if they started doing the star-thing. Maybe he could get a couple big names who were like, you know, actors as well and really understood and bought into his way of writing. It's possible...
I don't see Donna actually appearing in the movie. Too early to be so complicated. But as the ultimate Donna Troy afficcionado, I think that Becksale would really work as Donna.
God, I just disagree on so many levels.
I don't know who any of these characters are, so I can't comment on the aptness, but I *love* Lena Olin. Not just from Alias, but from The Unbearable Lightness of Being too (am I dating myself with that?) and other stuff. She's great. The others he mentions? Not so much... God save us from a WW with Kate Beckinsdale and Lindsay Lohan.
However, I disagree with people who say they want a cast of entirely unknowns. I agree that the movie is about the writing, but it's also about the acting, and to go with all unknowns is pretty risky - you could end up with a lot of pretty faces but not much proven ability (not to mention the fact that box office draw is tougher).
I'm all for putting an unknown in the lead role, if she's a great actress, but I find that supporting characters can be a great place to put really tremendous actors who might not have that "star" power, but really bring up the whole quality of the movie with their abilities.
I think of people like Ian McKellan, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Willem Dafoe, Oliver Platt, Patricia Clarkson, Catherine Keener, Francis McDormand, etc (NOT folks like Beckinsdale or Lohan or celebrities without the acting chops). Depending on what the roles and needs are, it would be great if WW could attract those sort of serious actors to its supporting roles much the way other big comic book films and popcorn blockbusters have managed to do in recent years.
Did anyone else notice that the writer takes for granted that Angelina Jolie will play WW? It is at the very bottom, in the line where he talks about Ares. I picked up a WW comic the other day ( ordered it really, wanted to get some more backgroud story) and there is picture of WW blindfolded and I swear the rest of the face is pure Jolie.
What, no mention of Nathan?

I've been flogging this one here from time to time, but I think Gretchen Mol (who he has for Giganta, whoever she is) would be a better choice for WW than just anyone else I can think of, that is, assuming that Takeshi Kitano is unavailable.
Still, who would blame a brand-name star for wanting to be in a Joss movie? They'd achieve cult status in a quality film and work with a master. People are throwing the names Spielberg and Whedon around in the same sentence. Still, Spielberg has made a great many unknowns into major stars. Joss, in all likelihood, is going to do the same.
I think the Studio (or producer) may demand a "name brand" star in one of the major roles, if not the lead, just so it can be easier to market and sell tickets. Does anyone know how much say Joss has in selecting the lead?

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