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June 01 2006

Browncoats on MTV. Joss, Equality Now and Serenity get a mention. High profile coverage for a worth while event.

gossi, all I see is a link to the Serenity trailer.
Scroll down - it is there- towards the bottom.
I suck. Yes, I see it now. Thank you, Lioness.

This is great news, being on Yeah for Joss and Equality Now! Anyone going to the Bloomington, IN screening? Email me if yes :)
Comic movies are buzzing right now (when are they ever not buzzing?!) and so does Joss. Though that might just be him making a buzzing noise wherever he goes...this is awesome.
Good to see the exposure, whatever the source :) Not that I am disparaging MTV; its good to see them promoting worthy ideas/causes again.
The blurb says Joss will be 41 on June 23rd this year, when he will actually be 42. He was born in 1964.
When you're 42 you start counting backwards, ElectricSpaceGirl.
Ahh, thanks for that info, gossi. I'll have to remember that in 9 years.
Lets see, that means I'm in my thirties doesn't feel the same this time. ;-)

In this case, high profile is good. I was really surprised it was out there all by itself without some tenuous connection to some bigger, more eye catching name. "Speaking of Bradjolina being too young to play Wonder Woman..."

Hey, Zeitgeist! Glad to see ya. Been missing you.
Browncoats on MTV

I got a flashback of Joss, Nathan and Summer's appearance on MTV UK's TRL. I thought I supressed that memory. Talk about an all time career low for the three of them.

But good to see coverage of this in the press. I reckon this is the most high profile Whedonverse fan event since the Saving Angel campaign.
*waves at all the people* I was going to seek out the MTVUK TRL thing at the time, but Simon scared some sense into me ;)

I got a flashback of Joss, Nathan and Summer's appearance on MTV UK's TRL. I thought I supressed that memory. Talk about an all time career low for the three of them.

I don't think it was a career low for any of them - I just think it was a career low for the presenter of the show* (and possibly, honestly, the people who came up with the games for them to play).

(* Sorry Alex, but you sucked at presenting that day. Like, badly).

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This is awesome coverage.

But being in the U.S., I am now curious as to what exactly Joss, Nathan, and Summer had to go through on MTV UK...
huzzah! that is too cool.
Ok, so I must say that this is a rather choice thing to wake up to find in my email folder of Google notifications, and as it happens, right on the first day of the month when all these screenings actually are going to happen.

Good day.
MTV UK: They had some Browncoats on. These were, in fact, my friends, who I'd cobbled together at the last minute. However, they decided to term them uber fans, and make up stories about their uberfanness. Which is fine, as it's TV, although it did make them sound a little wacky to Nathan, Joss and Summer.

The problems came from the fact the male presenter, Alex Zane, kept tripping up on his words and didn't really seem to know what was happening. Also, they had made a game for Joss/Summer/Nathan and my friends the Uberfans to play called "Sereen or Mean". Unfortunately, it was - uhm - well, not the best use of TV time I've ever seen.

They also had a question about the movie to win after party access in London, but nobody -- including, I think, Joss -- knew the answer to. In the end, Nathan had to get up and shout the answer to the Uberfans -- he'd read it on IMDB Trivia I seem to recall.

That said, in all honesty, about 5 minutes after that was done, there was the red carpet premiere in the heart of london, 400 or so Browncoats, and various other fun things through the night. Best day ever. So my perspective on the MTV thing is tinted slightly.

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So my perspective on the MTV thing is tinted slightly.

Worst. TV. Event. Ever.

Summer just looked embarrassed and I treasure the WTF look Nathan gave to Joss.
Hee. I don't really think it was the worst TV event ever. I've seen much worse.

To be fair, Summer looked even more worried and embarrased on GMTV. She was asked by somebody about the GMTV thing in an interview, and she said she was very nervous.

Joss on T4 was pretty amusing... He's trying to think of nice things to say about Star Trek Enterprise and and and..
FYI, with San Diego now a go, we just hit 30 confirmed screenings.
Excellent, bix. I have to admit, it's all come together to a much bigger degree than I thought it would - well done to all involved.
Yay Browncoats and Equality Now! Good job, everybody! Now the world can see that we are not crazed fanboys and fangirls care about others. ;-)
OK, found it...

The cult television sci-fi series "Firefly" may be gone, but its fans won't budge. Their rallying cry led to last year's "Serenity" hitting the big screen and will continue to keep the space adventures alive later this month when the flick is screened all over the world to benefit the favorite charity of creator Joss Whedon. Dubbed "Serenity Now/Equality Now," the event will screen "Serenity" in 40 cities in five countries on three continents. The shows will take place from June 22-24, and proceeds will benefit Equality Now, an organization supporting the protection and rights of women around the world. The date also coincides with the 41st birthday of Whedon, who is currently developing a "Wonder Woman" feature film. For more information, visit

We're still having fun getting a cinema tied down in Sydney, though, once that is settled, we have it filled already.

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All right, dudes, someone needs to find a video of the MTV UK thing and send it to me.

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