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June 01 2006

"Smallville" season five DVD comes out September 12. Commentary on the episode "Splinter" with James Marsters and former BTVS/ATS writer Steve DeKnight.

Also, Commentary on the episode "Thirst" with Steve DeKnight along with executive producers Alfred Gough among others.

Looks like another DVD set to add to my collection. The commentary will alone be worth I actually liked this season of SV. The addition of JM to the mix of course made it more enjoyable for me.
Cool! I'll at the very least Netflix that particular disk. Thanks for letting us know spikeylover.
Although the commentary is called "rumor" at Kryptonsite, both James management and DeKnight on his blog said they did this.
Yeah, time to find that one disc! Thanks.
I was so excited about this when I heard James did commentary. But that was before the finale came and went and the big Brainiac moments didn't happen. Sigh.

I felt cheated.

I'll have to think about whether to buy this or not. I probably will, but I'll wait for it to go on sale.
I loved season 5 and have this on pre-order. Commentary by James and De Knight is the icing on the cake. By the way over on Krtyptonsite they have a lively discussion going about wahat worked and what didn't work on Season 5 . The thread is big with the James/ Milton Fine/ Brainiac love and makes very interesting reading.

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