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June 01 2006

Bones The Complete First Season Comes To DVD On August 7th In the UK. The first season of David Boreanaz's hit show comes to region 2 DVD on August 7th. No word yet on special features.The box art is also up over there.

I'm hoping the region 1 release will be around the same time or shortly after.

Well this has a updated release date.Before it was Aug 27.Now it's August 7th and has the box art.
I was not very good about watching the show when it aired this past season...only saw a handfull of eps. Last night I watched a rerun (for the first time) and sure enough, there was Harry Groener (The Mayor himself!) as a shifty eyed plastic surgeon. I kept expecting him to offer Bones a moist towelette.

Quite a treat!
There were a couple of other Buffyverse guest-stars who appeared in season 1 of Bones.
And a cheeky mention of Firefly in one ep.
Buffyfantic, were there any actors names that I would recognize?

I had a funny thing happen recently with recognizing a familiar faceÖI was watching an episode from season 6 and one of the minor actors (a security guard) looked familiar. Sure enough, I checked the credits and itís someone I knew in highschool that went to my annual ski trip a couple years ago (as a friend of a friend). I have not called him to tell him how cool he is yet but I thought that was pretty neatÖ.Iím only 2 degrees of separation from the entire Buffy cast!
T.J. Thyne who plays Hodgins was in three Angel episodes in season 5.There was also Adam Baldwin.Rod Rowland played Corbin Fries in the Angel episode,"Conviction."David Denman who played Skip the demon in a couple of episodes of Angel during season 3 and 4 was also on Bones.I'm not sure if I missed anybody else.
Ah fair enough. 7th 27th all the same to me guv.
dvds for me is all about the extras, and i love commentaries. As with many of the region 2 dvds that come out fairly close to their US airdates im guessing there will be next to no extras, and you can forget commentaries. If you like the series i'd suggest waiting for the R1 release, whenever that is coming
Actually Buffyfanic - check over on - we have an ever growning list of verse guest showing up on Bones. I think the avg is 1 and episode (not including main cast).
I never expected to enjoy this show, but Bones turned to be quite enjoyble, and they actually closed the season with a quite interesting cliffhanger.
I adore Bones, David truly shines in it.
Bones is definitely coming into its own. It's on my very short list of must-see shows now.
I also adore Bones. I was actually quite surprised at how much I enjoy the show and how much I like DBs character.
Actually, it's not always true that R1s get more features than R2s when the R2s come out first. Buffy and Angel came out in the UK a long, long time before there was an R1 version, and had plenty of extras.

I'll still probably wait on more details on what extras there are before I order, in case it is a bare bones (pun intended) release, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Rewatching old Buffy episodes I just realised that the actor who played Tector Gorch (James Parks) on "Bad Eggs" is the same guy who played the sheriff Dawes on the Bones episode "The skull in the desert". I like this cropping up of whedonverse alumni.
Further update: US release of season 1 of Bones - October 2nd

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