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June 01 2006

Joss Whedon interested in Katharine McPhee? According to this article from E! Online, Joss Whedon has been in touch with Katharine McPhee (the American Idol runner up) about a potential acting role.

The article mentions that Joss is at work on the Wonder Woman movie, but doesn't state what role he's supposedly offered to McPhee, if any.

I actually thought she looked the part a few episodes ago. However, I don't think it would be a good move to cast her in the lead role.
Well AI is one of my guiltiest guilty pleasures, and I always like Katherine. Not sure what I'd think of her in such a major role as Wonder Woman, but I don't doubt for a second that Joss could find an appropriate role for her somewhere.

(Oops, more casting speculation...)
I hope the casting gets done soon. I am absolutly sick of all these rumours.
Now how did I know this was coming?
Also rumored to be interested/intouchwith/auditioned:
Phyllis Diller
Joan Rivers
Jessica Tandy
What I want to know about is who's going to feature in cameos. Personally I'm hoping for The Cheese Man and The Fruity-Oaty Bar Gentleman.
I saw her on Fox 5 (NY) news yesterday. She was asked about the Spielberg rumor and said she has not actually spoken to him, but she suggested her people were talking to his people. There was no mention of Joss/WW. Also, she said she was in LA trying to get into acting before she got on AI, so acting is definitely an interest of hers.
I don't believe a word of it, but it would be funny since I suggested it here.
If Joss is in talks with her, I actually think it'd have more to do with Goners than Wonder Woman.
I guess you are not lazy afterall Caroline!

I love how anyone can post anything online as long as they put "reportedly" before it.
Only if it's Wonder Woman - The Musical.
I seriously doubt this is true.
I'm all for crazy (and I stresss crazy) casting speculation. It keeps interest in WW high.
Yay! I totally called this one earlier today.

And I think this rumour originated from this blog (Breath of Fresh Ink) but I can't be sure.

I think she should be cast. It would mean Wonder Woman could be as good as From Justin to Kelly!
Anybody else think she looks like a younger Charisma Carpenter?
Wait, E! Online? The same place we read that someone saw Nathan, Gina and Summer exiting the offices of the CW together? Yeah. This is soooooo gonna happen. /sarcasm ;-)

But I do give big props to all our mods who called this, even before E! made it up reported it! (I really wonder if all E! did was check out Whedonesque?) ;-)
Yep, this is from the same source as the Firefly season 2 on CW and Angel Season 6 on NBC news items.

It is actually possible these rumours originated from Whedonesque. I know there's a great many people who read Whedonesque in the industry, and it's possible a bit of chinese whispers happened.

As far as I know, there isn't a final script, the studio hasn't seen it, and casting hasn't begun.

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Joss is just trying to get back on Caroline's good side after the debate over whedonesque being a blog.

LOL, Simon, you sure did.

I don't watch AI so I thought they were refering to Emma Thompson who played 'Nanny McPhee' at first. I was going to say, it would be a interesting choice. But now that they have outed Batwoman anything can happen. OMG, what if he made Wondy a lesbian, there goes are chances of having a hot Steve Trevor. Hey it worked for Brokeback Mountain. I can see it now Brokeback Paradise, my goodness if he does that maybe there will be an Oscar nomination.

Well, since by a freak of nature I happen to be in a sort of 'six-degrees-of-separation' position away from Ms McPhee (my mom's friend from high school that lives in L.A. took voice lessons from Katherine's mom) I could think of worse things that could happen. Just thinking about the potential for inside scoop for my fellow Whedonesquers!

And maybe I'm reading something into it that's not there, but the part that says "...McPhee reportedly is being wooed with acting offers by the likes of Steven Spielberg to Joss Whedon..." I hope it's meant in a "can't get much bigger and/or better than that" way rather than "from the Spielberg pinnacle down to that other guy".
She certainly could pull it off if she could (1) act and (2) erase the fact that she was on American Idol. I mean, wouldn't that defeat the purpose of having a no-name actress for WW?
Wait, isn't Taylor Hicks supposed to get the part of WW?? He is the winner of the competition after all.
It's more than likely that a publicist fed the newstory to a Hollywood blog that journos read and the story got picked up that way. I may be shattering the innocence of our posters here but sadly that's the way the world works.
As unlikely as I believe this is, if it did come to fruition, I think I'd cry.
You know the saying given enough time an infinite amount of monkeys will produce the complete work of Shakespeare. Well, given enough time, every actress in Hollywood between the age of 18 to 50 and even female celebrities who have never acted in anything before like Katharine McPhee will be rumored to be casted as Wonder Woman. :)
I think she'd look good in a Wonder Woman soundtrack music video... but that's the extent I'd go with it.
The Dark Shape - "If Joss is in talks with her, I actually think it'd have more to do with Goners than Wonder Woman."

Yeah, I agree.
Lynda Carter was on Entertainment Tonight last week talking about how everyone was telling her how much Katharine McPhee reminded them of her-- this might be the root of the rumour (and also the root of my deep, deep love of the McPhee-- I think my entire early childhood sexual development is based in either loving Wonder Woman or wanting to be her).

Okay, sorry, that was TMI.
Geez, Simon, thanks for shattering my innocence. I'm going home to start an addiction and kick my neighbor's dog.
I don't know, to me it just depends on whether she can act which I have no idea about.

She certainly looks the part and I think a lot of people would come see it either for her or out of curiosity.

Using a completely unknown actress might make for an excellent movie but not necessarily a hit.

Case in point, Serenity.

Superman will tell us a lot. Of course it does have Spacey.
I kind of doubt that she'd be in talks for Wonder Woman, but I could totally see Joss wanting her to act. She is a beautiful, talented girl who isn't *quite* what we normally see, these days.
Yorick, you are so right. Taylor's gonna be pissed!

Katharine was okay on American Idol, but rarely any more than that. As for being Wondy? Um, no.

By the way, we all Taylor's the most talented AI contestant ever...he should play Superman, not Brandon Routh!
Wow! If it's true that Joss is interested in her, that would be so cool. I made the comment the minute I saw her that she had the same type look as SMG. She is adorable, classy, sexy and innocent all rolled into one little package. Wow, just wow.

KM would make a wickedly cool WW.
My twin UnpluggedCrazy, couldn't agree with you more about Taylor being the best of any AI winner (for being the least Justin Timberlake-like). As for Katharine and WW: I have to admit that if you don't think in the least about acting, she is tall, has long dark hair, and is, er, able to fill out the uniform. (Oh, if it weren't for that needing-to-act thing!) ;-)
Joss is just trying to get back on Caroline's good side after the debate over whedonesque being a blog.

Heh heh, both sides did have some merit in that argument, and it was fun to watch.
Well, she's 15th in Google's Zeitgeist this week. In fact, 3/15 are Idol-related. (Interesting, 5/15 are X-Men related. Go Ellen Page!)

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