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June 01 2006

New Uncanny X-Men writer Ed Brubaker discusses his plans for the title. He mentions that he "came back to the X-Men through reading the Morrison and Whedon stuff" and also how he want to focus on the soap opera and the characters themselves which he felt Astonishing X-Men did well.

And which X Men: The Last Stand did terribly. God how I hate the third film. I feel sorry for Joss Whedon, having his cure storyline taken and mangled. Yet another example of how Hollywood doesn't care about really good writers when they can get a script knocked off for cheap.
I really love Ed's Captain America. It's a joy to read.
Brubaker is amazing. I'm just curious if we can also use this comments thread to discuss the Sam Loeb story, which came out today, or should I go back to the previous thread that was posted about that?
For the first time in the past few years, I am genuinely excited about non-Joss X-Men comics. I love Brubaker, and as Simon said, his work on Captain America is fantastic; he really makes the character interesting again.

His Daredevil is also one of my favorite comics on the stands right now.
Everything Brubaker does is great, so I can only assume his X-Men will be too.
I'm a fan of his pre-Marvel work, but I absolutely hate his Marvel stuff. Captain America is good although I think bringing Bucky back as a villain was really stupid. His Daredevil is also OK but I think killing Foggy was the stupidest decision ever made at Marvel (a Company famous for stupid decisions). Also Deadly Genesis was absolute crap. It started out OK and got so much worse with each passing issue it wasn't funny. By the end I had to wonder why I kept reading it. It's strange because I think Sleeper was one of the best books to come out in a very long time. But to each their own and I've got Astonishing X-Men and I only need 1 good X Book to make me happy.
I haven't actually read the Daredevil stuff yet (I'm reading that in hardcovers), only flipped through the issues, so I may be wrong, but personally I think Foggy might not be dead at all. I know Matt didn't hear him die--he mentioned that he could still hear Foggy's heartbeat when they took him to the ambulance. My guess is he's in the witness protection program or some such right now. :-)

Also have to agree that none of Bru's Marvel work has touched the heights of Sleeper or the Catwoman issues he did with Cameron Stewart yet, but it's still terrific stuff, and I'm really looking forward to his Uncanny X-Men.

And theMidnighter, keep an eye out for Bru's upcoming Icon book, 'Criminal,' I believe it'll be called. That's going to be another collaboration with Sean Phillips, so I have the highest of hopes.

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