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June 01 2006

"All My Children's" Kendall prepares to give birth to Spike. Of course, it a rather fun inside joke. Kendall was formerly played by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

I don't think this has ever been discussed here. I think it's a cute tribute to Gellar and BTVS.

I would also add that Gellar won an Emmy in that role.
Really? Sarah won an Emmy for All My Children but never even got a nomination for Buffy?

Have no idea as to the quality on the soap, but...well...just, well, that's just so...wrong.
It was only a daytime emmy.
Yay Spikeylover! Somebody besides me noticed the "Spike" thing on AMC. Thoght someone on AMC was a Buffy/Angel fan. Forgot SMG played Kendall!
Yeah, it was a Daytime Emmy. Sort of like the Special Olympics of acting awards. ;)
Er, have they explained why she named her unborn baby "Spike"?
Kinda cool shout out but I'm honestly not sure what it could mean. Spike did have mommy

Chris in virginia....I agree. It IS wrong on so many levels.
SMG should have won a hoard of awards for her work on Buffy.
::blinks:: I watch that, and I knew Sarah played her, and I NEVER related her Spike to William. How odd for me.
I've been sick at home, missing a lot of work, and so watching the All My Children on a halfway regular basis, and know all the Buffy & SMG AMC history besides--and still never put the whole Kendall/Spike thing together! I just kept thinking, "Well, that's an odd (nick?)name for her kid. Well, whatever floats her boat." D'OH!!!
"Kendall began to moan and Spike was taken out of her. She was delighted, but everyone else looked nervous. "

Thats scary when out of context.
Everyone kind of scoffs at soaps but a lot of great actors started on soaps including Nathan Fillion!! And Michelle Trachtenburg was also on AMC back when SMG was on the show.
It's full of lines you could take right out of context too: In the operating room, while the medical team works feverishly to make Spike breathe on his own, - because they haven't worked out he doesn't need to breathe? We're also told in the recap that he's small but a fighter.

Oh well. It amused me. I've never seen this show, so have nothing invested in the characters...
But does the child have a SOUL? And can/will Kendall love him anyway?

Flattering albeit a bit weird. Obviously Whedonworld influenced modern TV a lot. :)
Here's a Wikepedia entry about the character of Kendall Hart (with pictures of the two who played the part--Sarah and the actress who plays her now--that has just given birth to "Spike"..

Kendall Hart

Sarah was around 16 when she took that role, was nominated for daytime Emmys in 1994 and 1995. She won in 1995. (yes, I watched her on that show and she was excellent in that role)
Agreed Spikeylover. SMG is fabulous in every role.

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