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June 01 2006

Entertainment Weekly picks the climax of BtVS 2.22 as top WB memorable moment. They also cite the pickup of season 6 as a highlight of UPN's existence, but that doesn't seem to be online.

Don't you get a charge out of the fact that Joss and Buffy are ALWAYS mentioned as what matters? Great shout out to the best Buffy episode ever.
Another great media moment for Joss and Buffy. Way to go Joss! You put the WB on the map with Buffy. Is it any coincidence that cancelling Angel took it off? Am I wrong to enjoy that last bit a little too much?

Practicing my best Sammy Terry laugh.
Those last 5 minutes of season 2 are not only the best parts of the Buffyverse, but one of the most heartbreaking scenes I've seen in a tv-series. I can't tell you how many months (ok, a little under 3) I cried myself to sleep *every* single night (with the exception of the night before Christmas, my birthday.. I was too preoccupied with thinking about gifts to cry over Buffy's departure from Sunnydale).. Becoming Part II was aired at mid/end November here in Norway, and I remember the day was February 23rd when I enjoyed my first cry-free night in months. Coincidentally (or perhaps not ;)), that was also the day I heard there would be a 3rd season. :)

Oh, and Sarah's "Full of Grace" is the most beautiful song ever written. I remember listening to the words "I know I can love you much better than this", and thinking about Buffy: "No I really can't..."

edit: There is perhaps one scene that *might* come a little close to the raw intensity of Becoming Pt. II, and that's 'the scene' from "I will remember you" from the first season of Angel. Christophe Beck's theme returns and Buffy says "God, it's not enough time.. I'll never forget.. I'll never forget".. everytime I see this scene, I feel the need to slam my head into the wall.

There are *better* shows out there (in terms of cinematography, scope and acting) than Buffy and Angel surely.. but there are no shows which are so frightfully capable at making you experience these incredibly intense emotions.

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I think I'll go watch the episode *yet again*. Season 2 took us to some astounding places. The Good Guy can become The Bad Guy. Beloved characters can be murdered. The Heroine can kill The Good Guy, even though she loves him and he's been re-ensouled and all. The Heroine can turn her back on destiny, her family and her friends. The Heroine can leave. Rethinking it, I'm going to watch the entire season again.
...and I remember thinking, when Spike points out that destroying the world is just as bad from his point of view as from Buffy's, "Finally a sensible evil villian!" The whole destroying the world and therefore their food source and rather cushy lifestyle, never made any sense to me.

It is a wonderful episode, and season. (...and show)
But remember, Spike was still upset Angelus more or less stole Drusilla from him, and figured ruining his plan would be a great way to get back at him...and still be sensible. It may have also been the first sign that Spike could have been headed towards a different path.
As for a list of "greatest UPN moments" would have been: getting Buffy, greenlighting Veronica Mars, Star Trek: Voyager, and adding wrestling.
Also.. Spike and Joyce! Always a winning combination :)

- "Have we met"?
- "You hit me with an axe one time. Remember, uh 'Get the hell away from my daughter'.."

Edit: Speaking of "Buffy's finest moments". Remember the scene in "Innoncence" where Buffy returns to her room after having found out about Angelus? In a state of profound grief, she enters her room, notices the cross-necklace given to her by Angel, holds it in her hand.. realises what she has just lost and recoils. Remembering her claddagh-ring, she removes it and cries uncontrollably while laying down on her bed.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is not the most versatile actress out there, but there are *no one* in Hollywood who can do grief better than her, IMO.

That scene sends me spiralling into tears *every* single time I watch it.

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The first time I watched Becoming I knew Angel wouldn't disappear forever. Despite that knowledge, I cried anyway. I agree with wcipAngel that no one can do grief like SMG. In fact, I love Becoming (both parts) so much I think I cry even harder now. In fact, I'm getting teary thinking of it... *sniff*
I can truthfully say that the end of Becoming pt 2 was the only moment of any show that had me in a week-long state of mourning, exhibited by shock and fits of crying in public. That's the moment when I was officially HOOKED on the Buffyverse and it was then that I knew Buffy had replaced The X-Files as My Favorite Show.

Oh, but my Joss-journey was only just beginning. :)

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And to think that "Becoming: Part II" was the episode that popped my Whedonverse cherry... Can you imagine a more compelling (and brain-shattering) introduction?

I think I happened upon it about half-way through, idly flipping through channels and not really expecting to find anything worth watching. I'll never forget the moment when Buffy clutches Angel after his soul returns, stares into the void of Acathla over his shoulder and realizes she's about to make the most difficult, terrible decision of her young life. I'd heard of BtVS but never seen it; this little taste was like pure junk straight in the vein. Oh, sweet, sweet pain. I located a TV Guide, figured out when the next ep was on and never looked back.

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I became addicted in this season as well. Nothing has EVER been the same since. I have drawings of Buffy and Angel all over my office at work and people are like...Is that you and your husband?
You should see some of the looks I get when I say...No, that's Buffy and Angel.

I work in Nursing Administration and have some serious tight assed corporate big wigs in frequently. THOSE are my favorites.
Although once, one of them surprised me and KNEW who it was.
Needless to say that meeting went over very very well.

Couldn't agree more with SMG's amazing acting ability. She blows me away and makes me cry everytime.

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