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June 02 2006

'Joss Whedon = Love'. A Morena Baccarin interview. "The time Nathan bent over and split his pants pretty much takes the cake." Great read with some lovely little tidbits.

For the non-Dutch speakers, scroll down for the English version.
German. "Deutsch" is "German", in German. (The link target does go to the english, for the record. =)
Interesting on the Mal/Inara interaction. It's a shame we'll never see how that would've played out over time. I don't think they could have made it as a couple. Would Inara have given up her profession? Would Mal have accepted her if she didn't? But here's a thought. It seems to me that Inara, while she would never have admitted to Mal, admitted to herself her attraction to him. I don't think Mal had enough self-awareness to know how much he felt toward Inara.
How do you say "rockin'" in German? ;-)

Morena sounds like a kind and smart woman, and we already know she's a beautiful and talented actress (who's about 5'7"). WW? Oh, yeah! (If Morgan Freeman says no, of course.) ;-)
The thought of Nathan hosting bbq's makes me smile.
She will be the next Wonder Woman.

Her performances have good... but under Joss' capable hands.. SHE could totally pull off Wonder Woman...
Her trans-ethnic looks and grace would maker her perfect.

Gina Torres would have made a GREAT Wonder Woman too.
*cough* Morgan Freeman *cough* :)
Cute interview.

But did anyone else think this question came a little out of left field?

SGPnet: Would you be interested in playing a woman, who is out of her mind or insane someday?

I love the polite response:

MB: What the-? Sure.

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