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June 02 2006

"At 73 minutes, this film is 74 minutes too long." An unfavorable review of the DVD release of the Alyson Hannigan film Date Movie.

I only saw the trailer for it and immediately thought, "What a steaming pile of crap!". No way in hell am I going to see the full movie.
Thgat's one hell of a slam.
Who's surprised? The film was getting this kind of review when it was in theaters. I hope that after a season or two as "Lily" in How I Met Your Mother, Alyson will find her way into better comedic AND dramatic film roles.
I finally saw this last night when my roommates rented it. I now wish I had those precious 73 minutes back.

I cannot believe how utterly BAD this film was! Oh, Aly, pleasepleaseplease do not lower yourself to this sort of tripe again. She is way too talented to waste herself on the likes of this.
I also saw it for the first (and last) time last night. My brain still hurts.
I saw it, and a lot of it did invoke uncomfortable silence, but there were one or two funny moments.
Ouch! Well, the good news is that this film will be forgotten immediately, and Aly will still be rockin' on HIMYM, which has a bright future as far as I can see. :-)
All I could think of when watching this was "OMG Joss had to sit through the premiere of this and be encouraging".
I will say however, as bad as this film, and it really is bad, Aly did her acting, she was cute and funny in it, the other players and everything else was bad.

She must have signed the contract before reading the script?
Eh, when it hits the movie channels, I'll probably TiVO it, fast forward through it, then erase it.
SMG went to see it as well (don't know what screening) ,there's a photo of here coming out of the cinema

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