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June 02 2006

An interview with Ron Glass from the recent Collectormania 9 event in Milton Keynes. His hair, the Firefly fandom, the character of Book and the state of television today all get discussed.

I thought he came over really well in this interview. Seems like one of the nicest guys in the business.

What an interesting guy! I love his sense of humor, from the segments of that Milton Keynes convention that were included in FireflyTalk. Simon, I couldn't agree with you more that he seems like an incredibly nice person; good link! Yay Ron! :-)
Ron Glass is the best. Now, if we could just get Book's backstory.....

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As long as he has enough money to live on, I love his "What will come, will come" attitude towards Hollywood. It seems very sane to me. And I appreciate that he is still coming out to conventions.
Yes, looking, I totally agree; a full exposition of the path Book took to becoming a shepherd would be simply fantastic.
That sweet man..

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