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June 02 2006

Adam Baldwin Cancels Appearance at Moonlight Rising. Adam cancels appearance at MR! Needs registration to view post.

Aria, the organizer, states in the forums:

"Due to a series of unexpected circumstances Adam Baldwin has cancelled his appearance with us. We are working on a replacement for him as I type this, we will transfer shoots or issue refunds after the event should the replacement not work out. We have also brought in Jonathon Woodward to join the party


Also earlier in the week Mark Metlcalf also pulled out of this event.
And you're surprised why? I feel sorry for those Firefly fans who are attending that con this weekend. Shortchanged much? (I'm not blaming AB)

New posting at the Con-dom Wank LJ suggest that MR knew last week that Adam was not coming. This might be considered "hearsay" since it's posted anonymously, but then not everyone has an LJ account.

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This event has a history of not ending up with the guests they advertise early on. There has been debate about how that happens, why and whether there is a delay in informing the public.
Since is a free for all for anonymous posters, who seem to have an agenda, I would prefer for some facts to come out first. I'm not saying it didn't happen, but that LJ is far from a legitimate source.
Word from people who are there, again hersay, but these are people who are there and are a bit frustrated by this event. They have said that they have been told it was an airline ticketing problem and that the promoter knew of this for at least a week.

Adam posted a reply on the FOX boards today as well.

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I'd say something, but the last time I expressed an honest opinion about my experience as Chris Golden's assistant at the first MR, Aria threatened to sue me. :-P
OzLady - Go ahead and say what you have to say. Aria has threaten to sue me so many times I have lost count.

wrikiwood - Granted they have a lot of anon post on con_dom_wank but agenda, I doubt that, that would be assuming someone cared enough to come up with one. People use it as a need to vent and some recall events that happen, granted they are not really posative but I can see why they would vent there at least they are heard and not deleted, bannished, or threaten to be sued. Should you take it with a grain of salt, yes, as you should with a blog based on perceptions. However, if you read over her thread especially in regards to this MR06 event you will see copies of some post from the MR board that have vanished from that board or over time have been altered. So it may be speculation but among that speculation there is a common pattern of fact and truth that does emerge.

I can tell you I have an agenda but it is not convention or event specfic, I want the fans to have the best event possible and I will confront promoters who I feel are not upfront about their events. I am a thorn in their side and I don't care. I have been going to events for over 2 decades and have learned if you don't speak up to the promoters nothing changes. So I don't care what they do to me (I have been threaten with lawsuits, bannishment from events and board, as well as in one case physical intimidation), as long as they listen.

I'll will tell you this, I was not surprised by this announcement at all and truthfully expected Adam not to be there. Somehow with this event history does tend to repeat itself quite often. And if past actions tend to predict future ones this announcement should surprise no one.

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Basically, photo shoot fees aside, MR just got themselves a nice bump in profit. We all like Johnny, but he's not getting close to what AB was getting.

Pro-cons like this need to give partial refunds to all members when a headliner bows out.
Perhaps we could draw a veil over the ins and outs of what goes on at MR until concrete facts are known.

I will say that it is a shame for the Firefly fans who wanted to see Adam.
Unfortunately, the only way cons would actually offer a partial refund if somebody pulled out is if their customers wanted it (as in, they stopped going to events).
Gossi, if I understand you correctly, I think that is what has been happening with this con. I paid and went in 2004 without knowing their reputation for not ending up with the guests they have advertised. (I had only truly discovered BtVS's glory a few months before. ;-) ) After what I saw, experienced and heard I decided that in the future I would not buy a ticket to MR until the last minute to be sure of what I was buying. Unfortunately if everyone else feels the same way, no one buys tickets and the organizers cannot be sure if they will have enough money to pay the expenses of the con, including the guests. It then starts looking sensible to cancel guests, which reinforces the impression that buying a ticket in advance is not a good idea. Hence a vicious cycle.

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Yes, this is their reputation, based upon past events. No, I will never attend again, after having given my money once and having experienced what they had to offer.
I, too, have heard some bad things about Moonlight rising and their guests. I do have good news though. If you're really upset about not seeing Adam Baldwin, he is signed up to be at Dragoncon in Atlanta this September. He was there last year, and Dragoncon is USUALLY pretty good about advertising their guests and whatnot.
If you cannot wait until Dragoncon to see Adam, he will also be at Adevturecon June 24-25 in Knoxville, TN. Tickets are $8 for Saturday and $5 for Sunday at the door. And he has confirmed he will be there, cause I ask him over on the FOX Firefly board.

From: RavenU Jun-2 3:56 pm
To: ADAM_BALDWIN (156 of 166)
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I hope to see you at the Adventurecon in a few weeks in Knoxville, TN. Barring any more glitches or circumstances. Do you think you will still be able to attend that event?


From: ADAM_BALDWIN Jun-3 9:57 am
To: RavenU (159 of 166)
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:- )

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