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"Am I on speaker phone?"
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July 21 2002

Hopeful news for Ripper fans. (links to mailing list homepage)

Apparently Joss has written the pilot, it's supposed to be two hours long (without advertising) and the BBC's okayed it.

The source names the Isle of Wight as one of the locations that was scouted.

I believe we'll all soon see Ripper on Buffy and that he'll atleast be in the last episode! I really hope that Joss does use Ripper, because I want to see just how great his strength is! I can't wait to see more of Buffy on Tues.! It is sad that it is ending soon, but, it would have to end sometime! Has anybody else heard that some BTVS characters will be on the next Angel Season? Personally I hope they put James Marsters on for atleast a little while!

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