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June 02 2006

(SPOILER) Buffy Does Cannes! Minneapolis/St. Paul City Pages discuss several controversial films at Cannes this year, including Southland Tales. A good picture of SMG as Krysta Now heads the article.

Although SMG/Southland Tales is only discussed in the last paragraph, the article provides a brief overview of the film, and a pseudo-review: "Pointedly dumb (and deeply, disarmingly poignant), Southland Tales may be the most plausible work of film futurism ever made in the United States. Most Americans here hated it."

Note: article contains mild plot spoilers.
I am extremely excited for this movie. It looks like a tripped out modern epic saga. I love the whole Star Wars comment with the three films starting with actual episode 4 and the three prequel graphic novels are coming out. The cast is hilarious and such an interesting comment on what is to make a film and on the possible grim near future of mankind.
Word has come from reliable sources today that the movie will be distributed in the U.S. and worldwide at its current length (with maybe a tweak here and there from the Cannes version). The deal should be announced soon.
Makes me smile to see the City Pages linked here as I used to read it from time to time, having lived in MSP/STP for almost thirteen years.

This could go either way. I love the theatrical version of Donnie Darko but for me, the Director's Cut DVD was a let down. In it's attempt to be more precise and clear, it lost too much of its mystery.

I fear that Southland Tales may prove to be Richard Kelly's Matrix Reloaded.

Still, it's great to be seeing SMG doing something new. I hope she can use this to remind people how versatile she is.
Can't wait to see this movie, SMG rocks.
If it's true most Americans there hated it, then I'm all the more interested in seeing it. (I'm a US citizen, btw.) ;)
Yeah, Sarah is awesome. I kind of held some bitterness towards her at the end of Buffy. (Not going to the wrap party, no guest appearance on Angel, having Freddie Prinze Jr. field all her questions to the reporters when regarding Buffy, constantly saying that the Buffy movie wouldn't be good because the first one wasn't "good" which is the most ludicris statement ever uttered...and it was uttered by Freddie Prinze Jr. Quoting her. Whatever.) But she definately remains badass when she acts on the screen, I'd state. Perhaps all her filmwork until now (I never saw the Grudge) has been quite unrepairable by any means of anything....I still miss the chick. I miss Buffy.
Dolphin Tamer, the only thing I didn't like about The Grudge is that Sarah wasn't Buffy, and during a few scenes I wanted to scream, "Jeez! Just kick it's ass already!" I didn't read much online commentary around the time The Grudge was released, but I can say that as a Westerner who lived in Japan, I was able to appreciate it very much. I expect that the undeniable Japanese film influence didn't go over well with some American viewers. If you can appreciate that aspect of the movie, it's actually very good. Even though "Karen" was no Buffy.
I just watched a clip of this movie and I think that it looks really good! I'm super excited about it! Even if people are saying that its going to suck it still can't be half as bad as most of the crap that studios have been churning out over the past few years. And come on, Sarah Michelle Gellar in a Richard Kelly film? To me that sounds like a recipe for sheer greatness! I'll see it at least twice!!!

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