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June 02 2006

Glory's Apartment Open for Tours... Castle Green in Pasadena, CA was the location of Glory's apartment in Season Five, and it will be open for tours for $20 on June 11, from 1:00 to 5:00 PM. Technically speaking, the rooms used as Glory's apartment may not be open to the public, still, though, kinda cool...

It is unclear whether Castle Green will now be open on a regular basis, though the article seems to suggest it might be a one day deal. Another link suggests the site is open twice a year for tours. Apparently, the location is a popular one for filming. I know if I lived in the Pasadena area I'd pay $20 to see the place!

Kind of cool. I'd pay to see it! Anybody know what episode they used it for on Alias?
A couple of my friends and I have been meaning to do a SoCal driving tour of a lot of the Buffy/Angel locations, and seeing as how this isn't something we can see all the time, I'm pretty sure this will be a damn good reason to do it now!

That'll be cool though, her apartment was like a frickin' penthouse.
I agree with Harmalicious on all counts. I would definitely be willing to pay to see such a cool building, if I could.

And I'd also like to know which episode of Alias it was used in. Judging by the photo I would venture a guess at it being the building the clockmaker lived in, in the first season episode "Time Will Tell". However I'm not very sure, as there are so many different appartment blocks and large houses on Alias (as well as so many giant secret organisation HQs).
Great link, potential. Love when this sort of thing comes up on Whedonesque -- reminds me of the link of the Serenity school desks, and stories of the Hyperion Hotel building. Good work.
InevitableTraitor, I know exactly what you mean - I live in LA and I have been meaning to go on a "tour" for a couple years now. The fact that I *live* here and haven't gotten around to it yet is what I believe people refer to as "taking for granted." :)

Maybe I'll try to make it over to Pasadena for this...sounds like fun.

P.S. My first post, hooray!
I've been on the Castle Green tour, and if you're into architecture and design, it's definitely worth visiting. Although I always assumed that the interior of Glory's apartment was a set on the Buffy soundstage rather than an actual apartment. But the apartments are very interesting, particularly the ones with the big round living rooms (which Glory's had too).

I don't remember exactly when the Alias episode was, but I believe it was the first season. Sydney was supposed to be visiting someone in Spain.

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