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June 02 2006

Buffy coulda been an (Emmy) contender. Daily Variety focuses on the problem "sci-fi genre" shows have getting respect and/or attention from Emmy voters, including highly respected past series like "Buffy." Ronald D. Moore and Lauren Graham briefly comment.

Another story on the same site tells how changes in the Emmy rules will boost shows with smaller, nontraditional audiences, and "Buffy" is given as an example of a beloved past show that might have benefitted from this system. Two current shows that Daily Variety thinks might gain Emmy consideration with the rules change are Whedonesquers' favorites "Gilmore Girls" and "Veronica Mars."

And then in this story, Carter Bays writes in Daily Variety how he and Craig Thomas co-created "How I Met Your Mother" (but no specific mention of Aly).

Call me jaded but, these days I think of the Emmys, Oscars and so on as nothing more than grown-up versions of US high school student council elections. (Popularity contests, if it's not already obvious.)
"Bloody brilliant" is right, Simon! Thanks for that link; I wasn't aware of that ridiculous goof-up -- sheesh!

I did think it was interesting that the writers of Daily Variety thought of Buffy not once, but twice, in mentioning how unfair the voting process is. And they also seemed to agree with April that the reason you see the same few people every year at the Emmys (or Oscars or etc.) is that it is a high school-like popularity contest. But that's kinda the point of Buffy, too -- high school is really, well, hell-like, but the patterns of high school (popularity contests, unfair authority figures, cliques, romances ranging from torrid to unrequited to tragic, and so on) are repeated over and over again in many aspects of life.
Thanks for that link

Whedonesque's first ever link. Caroline is a star.
It's not always even popularity. Sometimes a show or movie doesn't even have to be particularly well-liked to score a nomination and win. It just has to have just the right attitude. Who's going to win the high school election, but Tracy Flick? (And if you haven't seen "Election," I heartily recommend it.)

I would love to see voter required to watch the top TV shows nominated; the trouble with that is that standalone shows would inevitably have an edge in this treatment than 'soapy' TV shows, because it's not easy to see an episode out of context, usually. And I somehow doubt that even this would clear up the prejudices in the system.

Of course, I can't claim to be much better--I only watched two shows regularly this year--but of course I'm not handing out any awards.

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