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"The king of cups expects a picnic, but this is not his birthday."
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June 02 2006

Happy Birthday Jewel! Although it's already posting on June 3rd, it's still Jewel's birthday (June 2) here in North America for a couple of hours yet.

It is also Wentworth Miller's birthday and my brother's too. Happy Birthday Jewel, Wentworth and Scott!

Still have 14 minutes here on the US east coast :-) Happy birthday, Jewel!
Happy Birthday!
Wow, I didn't realize she was so young! Happy birthday, Jewel!
A very happy birthday (missed it by an hour, sorry) to Jewel, Wentworth and Scott, and hope you all had a great day! Many happy returns! :-)
Jewel, I wish you a happy birthday and a thank you for just being you. You're special in our hearts!
Happy Birthday Jewel! :D
Happy belated Birthday Jewel!

And also to Morena, whose birthday's on the same day.
Wow, she's young! And beautiful! Damn you Jewel! ;)

Happy birthday!
so happy day ~ Jewel and Morena
Cheers, Jewel!
Wow, Jewel shares a birthday with my youngest, who turned sweet sixteen today!
Happy Birthday!
Slightly fyi off-topic... Jewel has updated the "Dear Roj" page (dated June 4th)... slouchy boots, moonshine, and Costa Rica... she's having too much fun! ^_^:

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