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June 03 2006

David Fury comes aboard the James Marsters Event. On the Queen Mary this September in Long Beach, CA.

From the newsletter:


David Fury joins the star line-up on the Queen Mary this September for James Marsters and Friends.

The multi-talented Mr Fury knows all about making hit TV shows. He has written, directed and been co-executive producer for some of television's most popular shows - Buffy, Angel, Lost and 24.

David's relationship with James goes back to his early days on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and he will be talking about his work and success as one of the star guests aboard the Queen Mary in James Marsters And Friends in September.

David wrote many memorable episodes of Buffy including Lies My Parents Told Me, Crush and Sleeper. He has also appeared in front of the cameras - he was at the mercy of evil puppets in Angel episode Smile Time, was the Mustard Man in Buffy's musical episode, Once More With Feeling, and the Pizza Delivery Man in Amber Benson's film Chance, which also starred James. For further details go to his official website

To book tickets for James Marsters And Friends go to


I'm seriously thinking about breaking the news to Mr R that I *have* to go to this con.

If Joss winds up on the guest list, I'm going for sure.
Espenson,DeKnight and Fury! What a great opportunity for Whedonverse fans to discuss in detail. This is really going to be something memorable.
Writers are my favourite convention guests and David Fury is especially entertaining.
And it just keeps getting better! What a great line up!

Just in case anyone's interested, I happen to have a very low-numbered gold ticket for sale :D
(email me)
Awesome line-up! Too much travel involved for me, though. Wow, if they did a webcast, I'd pay even for that!

Well, everybody, post good con reports! ;-)
I hope that those who go have pity on those of us who can't. Reports, please, please, please.
SoddingNancyTribe, aren't you glad you bought tickets for this event. :)

Don't worry cmbackshane, we will give reports, some of us are known to bring our laptops to the conventions to give up-to-date news.
I really MUST move to California. Or to a state much closer to JM's cool conventions. Maybe a home in CA and one in England.... Oh, yeah, and win the Lottery....

Meanwhile, back in the real world, please make good on those promised reports, wrikiwood! (said with tears in eyes and pleading whine in voice).
Man I wish I could go...I LOVE David Fury.
hmmm...... love the mustard man....
but.....I would go only ..if HE WHOSE NAME IS WHEDON! was going to be there.......would do the master's bidding would I...

I'm interested in your ticket if you still have it. I've been debating about going for a while. Might as well make up my mind now if there is a chance for a good seat.
I am so jealous of you West Coasters! This con keeps adding people that I want to see. Anyone wanna buy me ticket? And a cross-country plane ride? And food? Anyone?
Oh this line-up is good. I do wish I could go, but wrong coast in a year with no time or money. (sigh)

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