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June 04 2006

The 4400 marathon on USA network today. The 2 part episode featuring Summer Glau will be on at 1 and 2 pm. And they'll be showing one of the episodes Doug Petrie scribed at 7 pm.

And the new season is gonna start soon as well, yay! I can't wait to find out more about Richard's new telekinetic powers and the SORASed Isabelle. Her last scene in the season 2 finale reminded me a lot of Jasmine's birth on Angel.
I was just about to buy this on DVD yesterday, then turned on my television today to see this all-day marathon. I can't sit around all day and watch it. And no, I really don't have any recording capabilities. Is it worth the purchase?
I wish I read this earlier to set my DVR. I think I'm a few epps in. I'll Have to rent it on DVD.
La, la, la.....not reading anything. I've always wanted to watch this show, so very cool!!! I started watching it at 10am (central time), so I probably missed some episodes. It seems like they aren't airing all the episodes, is that true? Really like this show!!
sorry, double post....

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I think Summer's two episodes are being repeated on SciFi Channel tomorrow night! :-)
Wait, do my eyes deceive me? Is that David Boreanaz in The Crow: Wicked Prayer, the movie on SciFi before Voodoo Moon (like, now, in some time zones)?
Yep, that's him.
I can't sit around all day and watch it. And no, I really don't have any recording capabilities. Is it worth the purchase?

Sci-Fi will be having marathons Monday and Tuesday starting at 7 p.m. The show is definitely worth seeing, so if you can't tape these nights, it might be worth buying (or renting if it's available).

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USA? Then how comes I am watching it on the Sci-Fi channel?
highly staked, both stations are owned by Universal. They are just cross promoting.
Here in Brazil, There was a USA channel, which featured a Sci Fi section during weekends. Now there's USA no more, it became simply Universal Channel, where the show has been running since the beginning.

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