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March 29 2003

Holzangriffzuckerlutschbonbon. Um... sorry. An interview with the actor who played Wood Holz on AtS: "In the scene in which I had to confront my vampire daughter; I had no problem crying on every take. I was constantly weeping."

Another damn good feature at City of Angel.

I just had to go back and watch "Lullaby" again after reading the interview. It remains my favourite Angel episode ever.

"I swore... that I would show no mercy. And I won't."

Chlls upon chills upon chills.
Ack, current Buffy (I think, I high-tailed it out of there) spoilers in that forum! ACK, Spuffy lovers in that forum!! Bad prolific, bad ;)

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I apologise - posting in the middle of the night after a 15 hours working day isn't wise.

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