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June 04 2006

"Not Fade Away" Airing Tuesday on TNT. Angel's last episode Tuesday morning on TNT and TNT-HD at 7am

TNT is starting a new cycle of Angel from episode 1 on Wednesday at the same time. Thank you Tivo and other DVRs.

what does Angel look like in HD?
Tallish, dark, with funky hair. Same as usual.
Tallish, dark, with funky hair...and brooding.
All in glorious HD.
High def brooding. Does it get any better?
Wait, the show wasn't originally shot in HD, was it?
It was shot on 35mm film, like most TV shows, movies, commercials and music videos were - up until a few years ago. Film arguably has more than enough picture detail for an HD transfer.

Hopefully we'll see Buffy and Firefly in HD someday too! However, seasons 1 and 2 of Buffy were shot on 16 mm film, and won't really look much better than DVD in HD (though a good transfer house will still be able to extract a pretty good picture).
I wanna be catty... were the charmed ones filmed... cause they always looked a little on the video-aaron-spelling-no-sense-of-style-cheese side to me?
Slay that dragon, Cap'n Forehead!

[And don't forget there's Jayne in a suit!]
Jeremy thanks for the info - I already know about the 35mm film but I'm still wondering if the WB aired Angel in high def? I couldn't remember.
And there is the glorious Poetry slam where William the Bloody Awful poet finds his audience. Can James read the hell out of a poem or what? I thought I'd be feeling terrible about the last episode but that scene had me standing on my feet,applauding and laughing and hollaring. That was SO perfect.
"And now, The Wanton Follies of Me Mum..."

After "The Body," "Serenity," and "Objects in Space," this is the greatest thing the Whedonverse has to offer.
The last episode is also on Sky One and Sky One HD in the UK on Thursday at 11.00 pm, after Bones.

Also Veronica Mars starts back on Living TV at 8.00pm same night for anyone who's interested.
Maybe I'm wrong, but whenever I check out an Angel HD broadcast, it always looks like TNT has simply stretched the 4:3 image used for their main channel.
I had a wide screen TV at the hotel I stayed at last weekend. Pretty much everything looked stretched sideways. Got to say, not an attractive look for most people...vampires might be different, of course.
I love and hate the episode. I loved the way Lorne kicked but I hated the ending. I wonder if I will love it more in HD??
I don't know about HD. It's a heartbreakingly beautiful episode...The kind of ending that both makes sense and leaves you wanting for more...Epithomy of the whole series.
Seing Angel on the big screen...It belongs there more than 90% of the stuff that gets in theatres.
Actually, my all times favorite line was in today's episode:

"We can't bring down the senior partners, but for one bright, shining moment, we can show them that they don't own us. "

But then, toorrow there'll be this:

"Well, personally, I kind of want to slay the dragon.
(the demon horde attacks)
Let's go to work."
Dammit I'm all teary again now, the minute someone mentions the last two eps I fall to pieces.

I want Angel back so bad. *cries*

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