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June 05 2006

Oodles of new Buffyverse action figures pics from Wizard World Philadelphia. Some of the figures are good, some of them bear a vague passing resemblance.

My fav pics!

Recognise this man? I don't either. Apparently it's Giles.

Angel hanging around.

Where did you get that hat?

His suit shrunk at the dry cleaners

haha Herb Saunders !

They seem to have failed on all the figures of Angel, with the exception of the 'hung' one. Shame because Prom Buffy deserves a good looking guy in a Tux.

Quite like Band Candy Giles and 'Randy' Giles.
I've never really dug Buffy action figures (though they're much better than those awful Serenity ones).

I wish McFarlane would do these. I wish they would do everything, actually.
Cummon, the Library Playset! Tee hee!

You get a globe so Giles can explain werewolfism (is that a word?) to Oz, along with two candlesticks, a picture frame and a jar so someone can er, juggle?

Can anyone identify these model props? I'm drawing a blank.

...and is that Mr Gordo in the Accessory Pack?

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I've had the library (dis)play set on order since last year....

I think that is Mr Gordo which is cool.
Oh that Library! I must have it! But Angel and the hat!!! Too funny. Thanks for the Monday morning laugh, Simon.
Buffy doesn't look happy to be on a date with no neck Angel, at least Tux Angel is hatless.
Buffy in her prom dress looks ridiculous! And I agree with everyone prior - that's barely recognizable as Giles. Although I may have to order the library set and some Giles figures (are there any Xander?) for my dorm.

My poor, poor roommate.
"Bare", Simon? ;-)

Ripper Giles and Fyarl Demon Giles are good, and so is Tabula Rasa Spike. But some of them could be Ken or Barbie for all the resemblance they have to the originals.
Ripper Giles looked very good in person, better than leather coat Giles.

There are two Xanders, but the faces aren't the best likness. There's a season seven Xander just wearing a casual shirt and the variant has an eyepatch. The set with Angel as Herb and Spike in Xander's flowery shirt from season four would be cooler if the shirts were cloth.

STILL no Gunn action figure.
Cordelia has huge elbows.
LOL!! I loved Fyarl Demon Giles, Ripper Giles and Tabulasa Spike The accessory pack is cool! Most of them miss the mark completely on likeness tho'. Sad. :( Does anyone else miss MAC?
I'm struck that the album title for the one that features Tara is "Busts." Now, folks, that's a notable, uh, bust there on Ms. Benson as Tara....
Tuxedo Angel looks like "Lurch" from the Addams family.
Oh my God! Leather coat Giles is a dead ringer for early middle-aged Boris Karloff. The face! It's Karloff's face!
Where can I find the library playset?
Does anyone know when the accessories pack comes out?!?! This is the first I've heard of it, let alone seen anything. It looks awesome!
That hat! Balancing on the plastic hair.
Simon called it on Tuxedo Angel -- shrunken suit! Haha!

I would LOVE to have a Mr. Gordo figure!
Acatla looks good...That's all the praise I've got.
Oh god DST have been at it again! Their likeness's are going from bad to worse. Those giles are appauling! Ripper is the best of that bunch, and that's only because of the body.

Love the Spike's and Angels, even though poor Angel looks like he's been on a crash diet.
Ice cream Xander comes with a plate of cheese! Now all your action figures can wear the cheese, so long as the cheese does not wear them.
Those are super cool. LOVE the Angel.
The Faith ones are pretty freaky. She kinda has a Planet of the Apes look to her.
Awww, nice touch of Jenny Calendar on the Giles figure. *sniff*

Checking them out now and typing my impressions as I see them Cordelia, Xander and Giles look horrible. Both Xander and Giles look very old and it doesn't look like Cordelia (hopefully Sideshow's upcoming Cordy looks better!). Is that one figure wearing the long coat supposed to be Giles? The Band Candy one wouldn't be so bad if he looked younger.

Ugh, just saw Faith - why can't anyone do a decent Faith (she looks better than Sideshow's version though - at least she looks young and pretty!). Just saw the second version of Faith - now that one is way better - looks like she's had her lips done but they've got her mostly right. The first one looks like she's trying to hold a fart in! OMG - just saw the third Faith and she looks worst than the first one - she looks like she is high and has to fart! I don't understand how they can have one that looks so good and then the other two don't even look like they are based on the same person!

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