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June 05 2006

Tickets now on sale for 'Serenity'/Equality Now screenings in most participating cities. And check out the funky poster for the Portland, OR screening, where tickets went on sale to the general public at midnight.

No DC screening...d'oh!
a screening here in north carolina? I find that very interesting...
That poster is awesome.
I got my 4 tickets to the Portland event. One for me, one for my friend whom I share all my fandom with, one for my best friend who still needs to finish Firefly (once she's done with school in a week I'll get on that) and one for her friend who watched a couple episodes with us and then hung around to watch 6 episodes on his own. Both have never seen Serenity!

A bunch of Eugene Browncoats are planning a carpool to come up here in costume, prepared to lead us all in a Hero of Canton sing-a-long. They bring great energy to the screenings.

If anybody is coming to the Portland event, email me (electricspacegirl at gmail dot com) and I'll let keep you updated on the shindig plans, which are still being organized. I'd love to meet some fellow Whedonesquers!

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No DC screening...d'oh!

There's an Arlington VA one.
Come up to Toronto- it isn't too far! And we have a nice shindig planned afterwards!
Come up to Toronto- it isn't too far! And we have a nice shindig planned afterwards!

No, come to Portland! It's, um, way too far, but we're the birthplace of the screenings effort so where else would you want to be? ;)
But if you come to Toronto, it is like visiting another country! Wait, we are in another country!
Though it doesn't say as much on the page, tickets for the Tucson screening have been onsale since last Tuesday. Unfortunately the theater doesn't sell tickets online, but if you're out of town and unable to buy direct from the box office, the Loft is willing to sell tickets over the phone and will call them.
I just have to say it tickles me that the film critic at The Oregonian even knows the lingo enough to make a sweet title on his blog post about the Portland screening.
Well, it seems like that Cleveland screening really isn't going to come to pass...hopefully I'll be able to make my way up to Pittsburgh!
Well, it seems like that Cleveland screening really isn't going to come to pass.

No? Is there new news on this?
So what was that about Cleveland?

Oh, yeah. It's confirmed now. ;)
Good stuff. Just don't screen it in the Hellmouth ;).
Um in terms Chris inVirginia considering to attend another screening, I have to say he should come to Montreal.
5 reasons:
1) Its a kickass town, maudite!
2) F1 racing that weekend!!
3) June 24th St Jean Baptiste Celebrations, see Quebecers define what REAL partying is.
4) Wil Wheaton will be coming to do a booksigning in the afternoon of June 22nd (not attend the screening though :( )
5) 9 wonderful door prize baskets full of stuff!(up to 50 bucks worth or more EACH).

Also wanted to add that Montreal will really feel like you are in another country, all the signs are in French!

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Why would Chris need to attend another screening when there's an Arlington VA one, which basically is DC? ;)

Meanwhile, LA just sold out for the 2nd time.

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No power in the verse can stop us.

Looks like Garfield is opening earlier off the June 23rd date so not to interfere with the CSTS effort!! ;-)

"On behalf of 20th Century Fox, I am pleased to announce that /Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties/ is now being released on June 16th (rather than the original June 23rd date)."

They need to hear from you over here, where they aren't sure the city could successfully host a well-attended chairty screening.
Hmmm....Should I wait to see if Chicago has one, or buy my tickets for Bloomington, IN? Decisions, decisions. I would hate for Bloomington to sell out, then the Chicago Browncoats of course would not hold a screening knowing my luck. I'm bringing 4 other people too, so I don't want to dissapoint anyone.

Is anyone else having major deja vu? It seems just like yesterday that we were all frantically trying to get the pre screening tickets for Serenity. Wow, a lot has happended since then, huh?
I'll be in Portland, and am going to try to come to this. My big thing is that my folks live in Tigard, so... I'm not sure how I'll get around. I'm gonna see if my brother wants to come with, but I doubt he will.

I don't suppose there's a Browncoat willing to schlep me around? *bats eyelashes all pretty* (And yeah, I'm gonna email Electricspacegirl, but figured I'd try being cute here, too...)
Well, there are Browncoats coming up to Portland for this from Eugene. Maybe oen of them would be willing to swoop into Tigard on the way. Heh.
BTW, big props to theonetruebix for making these screenings happen! Yay bix! Yay Equality Now! :-)
All I did was pimp the idea over and over and keep the info flowing. It's the Browncoats on the ground in each of these cities that actually made any of it happen.

(This is me making strange-looking funnelling motions with my arms, trying to send the props out into the field....)

Hell, I didn't even organize the one here in Portland. ;)
Any Northern New England Whedonites here?....Concord, NH is having its own screening with a Shinidg in the same town the very next day, so it's totally worth making it a weekend.

Order tickets now:
More NH Shindig info:
Yeah, Loiosh, we'll try to help you find a ride. I'm on it.
Last year by now, we had mostly settled who had extra tickets and matched them with those who needed them. We had found a restaurant willing to accomodate 90 of us before the screening. We were speculating wildly about which crew/production member we might get. And we were working out the logistics of Joss's birthday banner.
Good times.
Universal have donated Serenity mousepads for every ticketholder in Australia now. That alone should help to sell a few extra tix, hey. Gotta say Uni totally rock in Oz.
Chris inVirginia - Arlington Cinema N' Drafthouse - you can sit at a table, drink beer and order a meal. AND watch Serenity on a big ol' movie screen. It's way better than any theater in DC.
Except for the fact that they allow smoking. That's the only downer.
Charlotte NC is back on.
Yes! Cleveland showing!

Sorry, theonetruebix...I was just assuming when I said that it probably wasn't going to come to pass. And one should never assume!
Chicago finally officially in pre-planning.
Looks like we'll be going to Chicago then :) Thanks, bix.
Well, don't just assume Chicago. I think what they really need are numbers that make them feel more comfortable with going forward. Encouragement. Help/assistance. Etc.
Philly is go.

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