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June 05 2006

Jewel has updated her "Dear Roj" blog... Shooting a new movie in Costa Rica, slouchy boots, moonshine, persistent and cuddly cockroaches... wacky fun! ^_^

Satan is from Green River? LOL I love Jewel, what a trooper.
I love Jewel's letters -- both informative and hi-larious! She sounds like she must just *rock* at conventions, a good sport and so funny. :-)

Moonshine strong enough to remove nail polish? Yikes! Yo, New Zealand peeps: you sure know how to party! ;-)

Didn't that stupid gecko know his job is supposed to be to eat cockroaches, not look at them as they bother people who are trying to sleep? ;-)
Jewel's new film looks intense. It took awhile to get all of those photos loaded but there are some nice shots of Jewel in the jungle.
Could she be any cuter?
She's quite funny.
Always a joy to hear from Jewel. Sounds like she had a good time, bless her heart.
Nice daily blog by the AD that she linked to. Some nice pictures of Jewel too. I hope all goes well with this film. It sounds like a good opportunity for her.
If Jewel can brave the terrors of Costa Rican jungles, then so can I. Millions of mosquitoes shall not prevent me from being a BDH on my supposed family vacation! My only regret is that I will be too late to possibly actually run into the intrepid Kaylee!
Maeve, you sound like a movie trailer, lol! :-)
I love Jewel. No, really. I just do.
BILLZ... that gecko might have been trying to sell her car insurance! ^_^
LOL, thumper! (And I've wondered: isn't that Mark Sheppard doing the voice of that insurance gecko?)
Mark told us over at the OB that it isn't him.
Cool. And the gecko thing: they show up in my 15th floor apartment sometimes. They're a little messy, but they really do eat the bugs and they're actually pretty cute (the little ones, anyway), so I welcome them. It's fun to watch them when the termites are swarming ('long about now-ish). These little guys are zapping critters that are about half their size. They sit on the wall playing paralyzed, then when something comes in range, thpppt! and another termite meets his maker. Maybe Jewel's roommate was just waiting for the right moment. . . .

And I sneaked a look at her April entry/letter, and she really did an excellent thumbnail sketch of Lahaina, including where to find the best Mai Tais.

I enjoyed it all; she's really funny. I agree with billz, she must really "*rock* at conventions"!
*sigh* I love Jewel.

Loved the comments about the Sydney convention (so close, yet so far). I remember reading all about these questions and things when everyone on SOz checked in afterwards, but it's still all funny.

The film looks interesting too. I wonder when there'll be a trailer.
Mark told us over at the OB that it isn't him.

Oh, well. I could have sworn, yo! Thanks for the facts, TamaraC! :-)
I laughed profusely when I read this:

Then came the Green River. We shot in what looked like a shanty town, with kids sitting on the sidewalks, horses tied up to store fronts, basically the kind of town you want to purchase just so you can save everyone from it and burn it to the ground. Notice I'm calling it Green River and not by it's real name, since I don't want to offend anyone who may be from there, like Satan.


can we take a picture of your cleavage?

Heh heh, may have had a teensy bit to do with spurring on off others to ask for the cleavage shot. Although, when asked, it wasn't by one of our normal crew, (it was some guy none of us knew, which was kinda creepy). Fortunately my daughter Smiley and a few others were able to explain why we would want a picture of Jewels cleavage. It's a little thing us OzCoats enjoy, that and Cap'n Tightpants. Jonathon and RD Price were happy to oblige.

The rest I will leave up to your imagination.

ETA: To be honest, it really didn't take too much spurring.

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First time at that she really that beautiful? I've only seen her in axel grease and the occasional frilly dress that did nothing for her figure.

What a babe. (how can I just be figuring this out now?)
ALEXREAGER: There is an "official" Jewel Staite website, but "Dear Roj" is not on it... it's so confusing. Can someone explain why?
Jewel Staite's official web site if probably for official (actor-stuff) business while her blog is her personal space :)
OMG, nixygirl, you always make me want to move to Australia! You guys sound like you have so much fun! ;-)
Oh Billz we seriously do! We have a major Australia wide Shindig weekend in 5 weeks, where we all hire out a few hotel rooms, and about 40-50 OzCoats just party for the entire weekend! We had one in Melbourne last November, then Sydney in January, now we're in Brisbane next month. If any of you International BC's ever want to come over for a holiday, we'll happilly organise a Shindig to meet you! (really, any reason to party is a good one, "Hey look, it's winter, party time! Whoo!")

I might just add, with our next OzCoats Shindig, we have our Sate of Origin Bowling Championship. State against State, BC against BC, brother against brother, no prisoners, no mercy, no sausage cushion things so your ball doesn't go into the gutter. Yea, we are hardcore! ;-)

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