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June 06 2006

'Angel Spotlight: Wesley' comic book preview. Barring the end of the world, this'll be out in comic book shops tomorrow.

Permanent URLs as the info on the above link changes weekly.

Cover A
Cover B
Cover C
Cover D

Interior page 1
Interior page 2
Interior page 3
Interior page 4
Interior page 5

I'm a little suprised that this is coming out only a week after the Gunn issue. That said i'm looking forward to this as Wesley is one of my favourite characters from Angel and i'm interested on what take Scott Tipton has on him.
End of the World?
Well I had to mark today's date somehow ;). I don't think it means we're Doomed though :p.
"Smashing", what a British cliché. That and the Photoshopped Cutout effect on cover four are my only gripes.
I'm "Flooded" with great reading!

I love the cover with Wes looking all James Bondy.
Well, I've read almost all of the IDW Angel comics (I haven't found a copy of Old Times yet), so I'll get this one for sure. I just got the Gunn One-Shot Sunday, I expected there to be more of a delay. Oh well, can't complain, as Wesley may very well be my favorite character.
I like the last cover the best. I might have to get this one.
"Smashing" is British cliche? And here I thought I was quoting Mr. Howell on GILLIGAN'S ISLAND...
I don't see how the 'smashing' is objectionable, either. Wesley *is* British, after all. An overuse of standard Britwords can get annoying, but just the one?

It all looks good to me. This art looks much better to me than last week's Gunn did.
Wesley does memorably describe Cordelia's look as "smashing" in The Prom, so it is a word he uses . . .

Hi Scott. I'm guessing you're already better known in these parts. The book looks good. And, since it's Wes, I'll definitely be picking this up. (Although I was a touch disappointed by the Spotlight: Illyria issue, truth to tell, although clearly that book has nothing to do with this one).
This looks fabulous. I love Wesley.
Wesley IS my favorite character, and so I will most definitely be getting this one. But to be fair I've gotten all of the spotlights (in fact all Angel tie-ins period), so this really isn't a stretch for me.

I too was just the slightest bit disappointed with the Illyria spotlight, but that's just because I'm not actually a tie-in/fanfic fan. Of the lot so far, Illyria was the best... though that's not really saying much. Haven't actually READ the Gunn one yet, but the art is positively rancid!
I've been fairly disappointed by a few of the Angel related comics so far, but I can't not buy the Wes one. I miss Wesley way too much.

Is it just me who finds some of the covers cringe-worthy? The repressed artist part of my brain screamed "you could do WAY better than that" at the over filtered and smudged ones. I'm kindly reminding my brain that it hasn't done anything artistic for moths, hasn’t finished anything displayable for years and that its time to go continue studying for exams.
Some of the art is really pretty (cover A, with Spike and Wesley and an axe, oh yes) so I'm definitely going to buy this despite my love-hate relationship with comics (I have a hard time following them, I guess because they're not linear, or I'm not linear, or something. I'm probably just deficient.) However, none of the comic shops in my area have it, because they weren't expecting it until next month! (It's been ordered, now, but it'll take two weeks to arrive in the shop near my home.)
Yep, definitely getting this. I thought the Illyria Spotlight was at least OK, if not stellar and i've bought but not read the Gunn one (might not bother with the Connor one though).

I've no problem with 'smashing' either. In normal UK usage it's probably at least partly ironic (I normally only use it semi-facetiously) but for someone like Wesley who went to public school and probably did classics at one of the red-brick universities it's entirely appropriate. My boss went to Rugby, has quite a posh accent and says things like smashing all the time.

(fiareynne, at risk of being condescending - in which case either ignore me or stick pins in little Saje effigies if you're really annoyed ;) - comics mostly flow top to bottom then left to right unless the dialogue bubble crosses panels or the panel itself goes over a page in which case follow the bubble/panel. That said, some panel layouts are just badly designed and confusing)
lol, thanks, Saje. I guess I've had too much experience with the badly designed ones! But I'm kinda ADD and I get distracted easily by what's going on in the next panel, or the one at the bottom of the page, or the opposite page, and I miss things. It doesn't help that I live in a general state of confusion to start with. :)

I bought Spike: Lost and Found to tide me over until the shop gets the Wes spotlight in, and I keep flipping through the pages picking out the good likenesses and going, "Ooh." I know there's something about the gem of Amarra and there's a dude getting his hand chopped off, but otherwise I'm clueless.

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