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June 06 2006

Serenity Role Playing Game & The 2006 Origins Awards. The Serenity Role Playing Game is nominated for the 2006 Origins Awards, the hobby game industry's equivalent of the Academy Awards! Fans can learn the results next month, but now have the chance to vote in the Gamer's Choice Awards.

The 2006 Origins Awards have nominated the Serenity Role Playing Game as Best RPG of the Year. This is the game industry's equivalent of the Oscar!

In addition to the peer award, there is a Gamer's Choice Award, which allows fans to vote for their favorite game of the year. Fans of the game are encouraged to consider the Serenity RPG when casting their votes. The online voting booth is available here. Voting ends June 12, 2006.

I don't know much about non-video game RPGs but I have a sneaky feeling World of Warcraft might be the popular choice. But good luck to the Serenity team, they put a lot of effort into the game.
Simon: Indeed the popularity of World of Warcraft is formidable, and they beat us out for the InQuest Gamer Fan Awards -- but truthfully I don't know of an awful lot of folks who play the non-electronic version of WoW. During my time at conventions this year, there have been lots of folks running the Serenity RPG. Of course, it's an honor to be nominated -- but it would be a small victory for Browncoats everywhere to see us win one over something with much more mass-market recognition.

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