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June 06 2006

Vote for Serenity on the Hugo ballot. The Hugo Award is the Oscar of science fiction, the highest accolade they can offer. And guess which plucky litle movie is up for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form? If you are attending this year's World Science Fiction convention in Los Angeles or if you bought a supporting membership, you can vote.

If for no other reason than this, anyone capable of voting must do, so we here in the cheap seats get to hear Mr Whedon's acceptance speech.
If Serenity wins this would be huge. As in Frank Herbert and Issac Asimov huge. If you've heard of them.
I know it's not as big as the Hugo's, but did anyone watch the Spaceys this year? Serenity won for best movie. Joss had a speech, I got all giddy just listening to him. This may have been posted already, but I thought I'd mention it in here for good measure.

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