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June 06 2006

Ariel Ambulance Restoration. The Ariel Ambulance is now resting safely at the Minter Field Air Museum in Bakersfield , California. The next stage is restoration of the ambulance.

A trip to the Museum is planned for this Saturday (10th June) to try and make a start and volunteers are needed. There are already several conventions interested in showing the ambulance so the sooner it is restored the sooner everyone will get a chance to visit it.

If you think you can help please visit the website and contact Adam.

you guys are mighty
If I lived anywhere near there, I might volunteer. I'm just amazed they scrapped it. Seems valuable.
This project is so awesome.
You guys rule!
Yay ambulance restorers! This is a great project. :-)

Hey, ormaybemidgets, have you met theymightbegiants?
ALPHA5099: They even sold mal's coat, so I wasn't surprised they sold the ambulance as well... But they stripped it of anything of value, like the interior (I remember it used to have cool red racing car bucket seats!) and glass.
Hey, ormaybemidgets, have you met theymightbegiants?

Sounds scary.

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