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June 07 2006

Charity Auction at 3rd Annual PA Shindig. PA, New England, New Jersey and New York City Browncoats are coming together to raise money for a childhood friend of a fellow Browncoat recently diagnosed with PXE, a rare tissue disorder. They are still looking for donations and all are invited to attend the auction on Sunday, June 18th.

The auction is held on a Browncoat's farm in Harleysville, PA. If interested in attending, contact the hostess at the above link when you click on "contact me." If you are interested in donating items, please contact the person at the email address you find when you click on the link.

Self linking is against our rules but seeing as it's in a good cause, I won't delete it. In future if you want some thing posted, drop us a line.
Coolness... donating a Flanvention ticket for the auction.
yikes! apologies to all. i wasnt sure if it was acceptable or not,but wanted to get it out because it was for charity. thanks for understanding! it wont happen again!

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