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June 07 2006

Buffy Seasons 1-7 DVDs 19.97. The Buffy DVDs (yes, including seasons 2-7) have all dropped to 19.97 on, as reported by Herc on AICN.

Holy crap. That is awesome.

My buddies Will and Mike are totally getting their mailboxes flooded by me with this info...
Wait wait wait, are these the regular sets or the slim sets? Amazon unfortunately doesn't seem to be distinguishing. either way, great deal, but I'd like to, I don't see the link anywhere except for AICN so beware. you can't just waltz into amazon and search, and expect to get the same price.
yeah, I'd like to know which is the slim and which isn't. Amazon or Fox should've added a sub title to the slim sets to distinguish them.
it's the slim one because if you check here, the original boxsets are still over $40.
But I can look on amazon and search and I still don't get listings off the main search results for the slimsets.
That's a stunning price. The lowest I paid for any of my sets was $30, I believe. I had the thick ones, though (which I prefer - the thin look just doesn't seem right to me).
When I do a search on Amazon both the old set and the new set come up. The old ones are labeled with "the complete ___ season" and the new ones just say "season ___". But, you're right, there's nothing in the description to let you know that the packaging itself is different.
Woo Frickin Hoo! Now I can complete my collection. I've had everything but S2. Thanks for the heads up theyarescientists!!
When I do a search on Amazon both the old set and the new set come up. The old ones are labeled with "the complete ___ season" and the new ones just say "season ___". But, you're right, there's nothing in the description to let you know that the packaging itself is different.

If there's nothing in the description, how did you figure out that they were two different kinds of sets? I'm just trying to make sure I know what I'm getting, so I will know if Amazon sends me the wrong thing.
Because of this: which sets the release date as May 30, 2006 - same release date as on the description.
No problem. But yeah, like killinj said, the release date gives away that it is the slimset. Either way, 20 bucks for a season of buffy? Even if it does take up a lot of space, that's worth it.
If I didn't already have the seasons, I'd definitely take advantage. I am getting the last five seasons of the X-Files, though.
When I started buying them a couple of years ago in the UK they cost 80 pounds which works out at about $140. Not that i'm bitter or anything.
80 quid? You surely didn't buy them online then did you?
I might actually be able to afford to start collecting the DVDs, but probably after I finish collecting the Angel ones, seeing as how I've only watched season 1 of Angel.
killinj, thanks for your great CSI-like detailed detective work! I have been searching Amazon since the first mention on AICN and was totally frustrated that I couldn't figure out where the slimsets were and which were which. Well, now I know! :-)

(Mooooooooom! Can I use your credit card? Pleeeeeeeeease? It's for something you'll like, too -- er, it's a late Mother's Day gift, yeah, that's it!) ;-)
That is great news, but I would feel akward with half big sets, half slim sets. I think I will just complete my collection with the big sets, they will probably lower in price because of clearance anyways.
Grounded- No, back in those days I had not yet realised that the big chain stores (HMV/Virgin) were complete rip-offs and that I could get them cheaper online. Happily by the time I got seasons 6/7 I had realised the error of my ways and got them for just 30 pound on amazon (on sale).
You can make a check for all the money you saved out to they are scientists.

Quick question: are the x-files sets in slimset form now?
theyarescientists: yes i believe they are, but a lot of retailers are selling the old sets at much much less, so either way you can probably find a good deal.

I feel weird having three seasons of big boxes and the rest in slim, but if it's going to save me a ton of money, i'll do it.
I have all 7 seasons, plus 2 of Buffy, Season 1. The last disc in that set went bad so I bought a second set. I've worried about what I would do if others went bad. Now, I don't have to worry because I just ordered back-up copies of seasons 2-7. Yes, some think I'm nuts, but probably not you guys.

Now, if the Angel sets come down to that price, I'll order back-up sets for all 5 of those, too. Oh, and Firefly. I'm so proud of my oldest (grown) son as he has asked for Firefly and Serenity for his birthday! Unfortunately, I've not been able to interest either son in Buffy or Angel. This sale would have been great for that.

One of the few benefits of getting old is you often have more money after a lifetime of working. Just 5 or 6 more years and I may get to retire!
Oh, now that they're so much more affordable maybe you can make a donation to your local public library or help out the Whedonverse Project.

We finally got AtS 1-5 out on its way to the Grand Prairie Public Library in Hazel Crest, IL and will have a set off to Hays Public Library in Kansas next week. They already have BtVS 1-7, Firefly and Serenity thanks to all the generous fans.
Quick question: are the x-files sets in slimset form now? - theyarescientists

Yes. Amazon is currently selling them for $24.97 each.

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killinj, great suggestion! Good excuse to spread the Whedonverse love! :-)

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When I went into Future Shop (in Canada) today to see if they finally had the 'Veronica Mars' soundtrack in, I noticed a huge display for 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' slim sets and 'X-Files' slim sets going for $29.98 CDN I believe it was. I didn't buy any since I have them all anyways. They didn't have the soundtrack I was looking for, but I didn't finally pick up (and see) 'Serenity'.

Speaking of slim sets, I never knew what they looked like before. I thought they were just smaller cardboard packaging, but now I see it's just like what was done for 'Firefly' and 'Dead Like Me'.
Would anyone mind telling me what a "slimset" is?
Ilana, "slimset" refers to the new packaging. The old DVD sets used the incredibly innefficient (and annoying) keeps-folding-out-forever packaging, which made them pretty wide. The new release uses a more efficient form of packaging, which makes it slimmer. And since most of the cost of a DVD goes to the packaging, the newer, slimmer ones have a MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price) of $40 instead of the $60 the old ones had.

I haven't seen the slimset packaging yet. But I'm assuming it is either the slim plastic DVD sleeves with two DVDs in each, like Stargate: Atlantis, or the 3-4 panel fold-out format with two DVDs on each panel, like the Muppet Show and a lot of other series are using now. Probably the latter, I'd guess.
I hated the keeps-folding-out-forever packaging. Not only do you need to set the box down somewhere to unroll it to get a disc out, but quite often discs come loose in it and even get scratched (often in shipping). Terrible design decision by someone. Slim-sets, or the Babylon 5 book design, are much better.
The slimsets look exactly like how the Firefly sets look. They DVDs are the same, the box is more destructable, as exampled by my Firefly box being extremely bent and crinkled.

What I hate about the ever-fold method of packing is that the little tabs in the center of a disc holder would break, and when I opened my box, not only do I get little plastic pieces everywhere, the disc holder would no longer hold my disc and I couldn't store it upright, for fear it would dislodge and slip down.
WooHoo! I just picked up Firefly for $25! Thanks for the post, cause I've been waiting to get another set until it went down in price a little! Woohoo!!
Wonderful! I'm really curious as to exactly what the packaging looks like inside - whether it's the slim cases or the fewer-fold-out design. Anyone actually opened one of these new sets up and seen for themselves?
You know, I still don't own any seasons of Buffy or Angel on DVD yet. I've got pretty much every episode of both shows on tape from various runs on BBC 2, Five and Sky One and couple that with the fact that there is always a run of both series somewhere on television (currently you can catch daily runs and umpteen repeats on Sky One, Sky Two, FX and Sci Fi), buying the DVDs has never been a top priority to me. This new price might just change my mind however, even if only to finally listen to all the commentaries I've yet to hear.
"If I didn't already have the seasons, I'd definitely take advantage. I am getting the last five seasons of the X-Files, though."

:), heh, exactly like me. I have the first 4 seasons of X-files right now.

I think I'll start buying Buffy the next year.

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