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June 07 2006

Booster Bash 2 a celebration of all things Whedon in 2007. The whedonverse fan festival moves East for its encore event on June 8-10, 2007 in Louisville, KY. Guest announcements and ticket information will be available soon. This is a pure Whedon event with guests from Buffy, Angel, and Firefly.

Natrually there's one on the East coast the year I move to the West coast. God, I can't wait for this convention. Regardless of where I am, I'm going to be there come hellmouth or high water.
Woo hoo! Finally a convention within driving distance! I can't wait to see the guest list!
Louisville is not east. It is considered south. We have between the New England Browncoats and the Browncoats of New York City over 700 members. Why aren't they having it out here? Do these marketing people know anything?
It's got to be some sort of Murphy's Law that once you decide to move away from a city, lots of events are scheduled that you will want to attend after you have moved away.

Ah well. Not really into the whole con thing. Not much of a social person.

eta: dietcoke, I would suspect the reason they've chosen to dub Louisville as "east" and not use a true East Coast location is because NYC/New England are expensive, while Louisville is cheap -- not the cheapest city I've lived in, but it's reasonably attractive and metropolitan yet you can still find nice hotel rooms for under $100 a night.

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dietcoke - it is less than a 12 hour drive from NYC to Louisville, Ky, so it's closer to the east than Burbank, CA. Louisville is also in the Eastern time zone, it's also pretty well dead center between the North and South, hense the mason-dixon line. The New York area is a pretty full plate when it comes to entertainment fan events, they may not be whedon related but they do have their share and they are large. Since Booster deals in smaller fans festivals it would get lost in the masses. Plus it spreads the chances for other areas that do not experience these type of events to have a shot at attending one, which they might not be able to do because it is to far east or north. Nothing against New York or New England Browncoats but there are other Browncoat groups that may not have the chance you get to see some of the BDH's at other events in and around your area.
This makes me so happy! I LIVE in Louisville. I . . .well, I've been griping for years how there's not a good con in Louisville. Now there is one. And if Whedon came . . . I'd have to wear my Joss Whedon is my Master Now shirt.
Can't wait to see the guest list.
It's definately East of Burbank, CA where most of their events occur. Also, to me Louisville is North ... LOL! I think the point was to have it located in a place that is a convenient distance for those on the East Coast.
I will be sure not to miss it! I, also, can not wait to see the guest list...
Actually, Louisville is still considered South. (I live there, I know.) It's right on the Mason/Dixie like though. However, Louisville people are considered Southerners. Plus we have the accent.

And if Joss is there, I will die. Not to mention Nathan and I'd bust a gut if James was there too.
I would LOVE to meet Joss again. The man is so charming.
Not to mention smart, whitty and hugely intertaining. I could listen to him talk about his favorite Buffy arc...Angelus, his favorite episodes and the character of Buffy all day.

My dream guest list would be....Joss, Sarah, David, ASH and the guy who played The Mayor. Seth would also be cool and Juliet.
Heck bring ALL the Buffy/Angel cast.

I can vouche for Loisville being considered South. I live in Indiana.
Wow, I am so excited about this! I just started watching Buffy/Angel/Firefly about a year ago, so this gives me a chance to interact in real life with fellow Worshippers of Whedon. I shall count down the days.

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