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June 08 2006

Fan films reclaim the Whedonverse. Major feature in Wired Magazine about the current run of Jossverse fan films. Mostly devoted to the Angel parody 'Cherub' but 'Into the Black', 'Mosquito' and 'Forgotten Memories' also get mentioned. 'Cherub' also gets profiled in this Seattle newspaper article as well.

This is great coverage, congrats to all who got mentioned.

Agreed -- great article, congratulations! :-)
I tried to watch the RealVideo download of Fluffy the English Vampire Slayer, mentioned in the article, but after the first 17 seconds or thereabouts I just get a blank black picture with no sound. Is it just me or has anyone else had problems?
I took at the shorter Buffy promos- they just made me smile in appreciation.
There is a link to their original Serenity review too - which I don't remember having read before. It's good.

But what is this in the linked article about Joss posting on message boards and fan websites? I think he should post on blogs too, personally.;-)
Well, that is kinda neat!!!
Yay Emma! Sorry, can't help be a little proud of her!
I especially love the FORGOTTEN MEMORIES one. Great casting of Buffy/Spike. As a Spuffy shipper, it makes me smile.

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