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June 08 2006's 'Joss Whedon is my Master Now' shirt still on sale! The famous t-shirt is overstocked at, so the t-shirt is selling for 9.99 to 12.99. Get them while they've still got extras!

Sadly international shipping is pretty expensive.
Yeah, I was considering getting one until I saw how much the shipping would be.
Yay! I have one of those (maybe I should order another one?) I like explicit t-shirts because then I don't have to say anything... in theory. Now I usually have to explain to everyone I talk to who Joss Whedon is.

If someone asks you who Joss Whedon is, just refer them to the shirt.

By the way, thank you Browncoat for posting this! I've been meaning to buy this shirt for a long time now. I'm glad it suddenly dropped in price.
Hmmmm . . . how much d'ya think it would cost to ship a t-shirt from my house in the US to São Paulo or Manchester? Just wondering.
I've been wanting to get one, but I haven't got around to doing so yet ...
Imagine my embarrassment when David Lavery and I both showed up at the Slayage conference wearing this t-shirt on the same day! I didn't get a chance to do the Cordelia "cheap knock-off" routine. (Since he's writing a new book on Joss, I was probably the one wearing the cheap knock-off.)

I got many more reactions the next day by wearing a "fruity oaty bar" t-shirt. It's amazing what you can find on if you start searching.
Got mine. Good way to make people go 'huh?' if they don't know what's up. The other night a waitress asked me if I was a Buffy fan, from the shirt's presence, and we chatted for a bit about the 'verse.
Wearing my Blue Sun t-shirt to the Meet-up in DC wearing my green shirt with this on it:

Property of
Athletic Department

Some people ask if it's Cal-Davis...
MissKittysMom, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to ask if anyone else got a Fruity oatie bar Tshirt from Universal? When I finally got my swag from the movie site, I didn't get the official Tshirt I'd ordered, I got the F-O-B shirt. Looks pretty official to me too. Anyone?
unfortunately, the girls' sizes aren't on sale.
I put in a little more bucks and got the cute fitted one. I've been meaning to get this shirt, thanks for posting! I wish the girls' sizes were on sale too, oh well. So excited! OK, should I wear this one or one of my two whedonesque T-shirts to the Equality Now screenings? Decisions, Decisions.....
I didn't know there was an "official" Fruity Oaty Bar T-shirt. Does anyone know where I could get one? The Universal site went down, right?

I really want one, and I've found that the cafepress shirts are too low quality for me to wear regularly.

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