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June 08 2006

Amber Benson to judge Comic Con's 2006 Independent Film Festival. Amber is one of three judges of this 4-day film festival which will feature nearly 60 independent films. The schedule has just been announced.

What a nice honor for Amber!

Darn, more east coast time in Florida please?! :-)
Must... adjust... to... her... new... sexy look! Wow.
That is fantastic news. Good for Amber! Yes, I agree TaraLivesOn. She looks amazing.
Just saw the new Amber...
YOW! Thank goodness I've already paid my flight and hotel. I'm there, dude!
Not new- that's an old picture.

So glad I'm finally getting a chance to go this year.
well i'm glad Tara's renaissance look didn't go with her after the show! She looks fantastic. The hair color suits her much better.

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