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June 08 2006

Update on Lisa's Avon Walk- Joss encounter! I remembered reading about the PTB back in April. Well, she attended the Equality Now event and ran into Joss again, and of course he was happy to sign another Teddy Bear. Included is a cute picture of Joss and his bear, along with a description of what happened that evening. Enjoy!

Here's the link to the blog from April!

The person above Joss' photo has the biggest smile. Ever.

I felt a bit bad about the Equality Now event, as I wanted to try to let Whedonverse people know about it, but didn't really make the time to do that properly, which is rubbish of me. Still, bears good.
I'm jealous. I wanna meet Joss and have him pose with a bear for a good cause.
Go Lisa! She has the best ideas for raising money for charity -- you *rock*, girl! ;-)

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Thanks guys!! :)

And check out who I got at Moonlight Rising last weekend....

Hee! :)
Heh heh great pic, only I had to read the print to even recognise Nate!?! He looks weird in that pic. God, imagine the hilarity Jon and Nate would bring when they're together.

ETA: Well Done Lisa

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Great pictures and story, lisaspo!

Are you telling me that you went to Moonlight Rising expecting there to be Jonathan Woodward and no one else because Adam Baldwin cancelled -- and you walked in to find Nathan Fillion had stepped in? *Rockin'*! Any con reports (in addition to Lisa's), Whedonesquers? :-)
Thanks nixygirl! Yeah, it's a goofy picture. ;) Nathan had total red, devil eyes in the picture, so, I played with photoshop a little and isolated the glove to keep it pink, but, made the rest of it black and white... that's why his eyes look so weird. And,yes... their Q&A together was hysterical.

Actually billz, I think I wrote that a little misleadingly (must go edit!)... Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin and Amber Benson were the expected "headliners"... Jonathan was a last minute addition (though not specifically to replace Adam). :)

Here are all my photos from the con (I didn't really take too many besides the bears/glove, but, I have a few of Amber and of Nathan and Jonathan's Q&A and one of the "Actor's Studio" with "Clem."):
Oh, sorry I misunderstood, but thanks for more pictures! :-)
As a Canadian, I love the fact that Mike Myers signed his bear while playing hockey.That's great.
And Joss looks a bit like the bear, don't you think? Same expression.
No worries, billz. :)

And, it's funny you say that, Lioness... are you familiar with They post all sorts of gossip and stuff... including celebrity sightings here in New York. Apparently, they were getting so many sightings of Mike Meyers that included mention of a hockey stick that they thought it was actually some kind of joke and refused to post them... until someone from the site actually saw him with the stick! :)

(Also... just as an update to this thread... got Harry Groener (The Mayor) to sign a bear last night. :))

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