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June 08 2006

New Official Buffy Merch at Hot Topic. They are now carrying 2 new T-shirt designs.

Are these already in stores? If so, I am definitely running to one and picking up the red Sunnydale shirt.
Those are really neat. Thanks for the link.
I already have the Sunnydale shirt. So, that one's not new.
Oh, I wish they made the Sunnydale one in a girlie-shaped shirt. Would be fun to wash it a bunch with lots of bleach so it would have that i-used-to-be-a-red-school-shirt-but-now-i'm-all-faded-out-what-
with-high-school-so-all-behind-me look about it.

For me, I prefer the more subtle shirts like that that are less logo-y and aren't recognizable as 'verse except to fans. (Otherwise, I think I might feel like a billboard.) Saw a couple of fun ones on cafepress, like a shirt with a really small logo on the front saying "Jayne Day Celebration * 2517 * Canton, Higgins Moon" like it was just your home town's festival day and this was the commemorative tee. Or zeitgeist's simple black shirt with a small "Wolfram & Hart, Attorneys at Law" logo. Fun.
I'm still looking for UC Sunnydale shirts...
BlindHawkeyes, I've seen the Buffy logo Tee in 2 stores so far but not the Sunnydale one. :(
They also have Serenity T-shirts here, and the fan made stuff at is way cool.
Hey, proximityeffect. What about these?
They had a different one in the SF store last month - one with images of Buffy, Willow, Spike and Angel on. Kinda faded looking. And they were the babydoll shape.
I REALLY need to go to Hot Topic. Serenity AND Buffy shirts are just too good to resist.

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