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June 09 2006

Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk at London Film and Comic Con. Nathan and Alan are listed as guests at the London Film and Comic Con (Earls Court 1st-2nd July 2006).

That is quite a line up!
It is, moley75. Only wish I could go!
Yeppers, I am right there with you guys/gals! Looks like a great line up. Too bad I am a)to poor at this time to make the trip and more importantly will probably be on bed rest at the time of the con. And I hear Nathan Fillion is very funny (not to mention easy on the eyes) The only thing that confuses me....Eric
And they have just announced photo shoots for Alan and Nathan - 20 each. You'll need to pre-book tickets though - from the forum.

Ooo, I'm excited!
Nathan, Alan AND Carrie Fisher?

Damn you, London! Why must you be so far away from me?
Wow! Great line-up. *tries to figure out how to write off trip to London Comic Con as a business expense*

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