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June 09 2006

Amber Benson and the trio to appear at the Hub in Sydney and Melbourne in October.

Oh man, I totally knew about this weeks ago and never linked it!
I'm a bad Whedonesquer!
re: Trokia from Buffy the Vampire Salyer

By the way, I already emailed Carissa at Hub to let her know about the Troika and Slayer typos.

So Tara's appearing with Warren even though he shot and killed her? Wait, what? It was a tv show? Seriously? Huh, ok, I'll look into that theory.
I know! I'm all squealy inside at the thought. It'll be weird seeing them on stage together.
Yeah... that's my dream Buffy convention list, if you add in Nicky. Sad that I'm so far.
So can I infer that Amber and Adam are still dating?

(I think that I'm already over the creepiness of seeing Tara dating Warren. But they do look like a nice couple.)

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