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June 09 2006

"Whedon-san has shown us the way". Fridays really wouldn't be the same without a Joe Quesada Q & A at Newsarama and well he's back and praising Joss and Astonishing X-Men.

I'm really happy that Joe Fridays (or New Joe Fridays as it is called now) are back. Hoppefully Marvel's EIC will renew the team behind Astonishing X-Men (Whedon & Cassaday) for a third season. I wouldn't mind seeing what Joss would do with M. Peter Parker too... ;-)
I dunno, i'm not sure I like the direction they're taking Joe Fridays in. What was wrong with the old question/answer/give away free money format ? And the whole 'New' thing ? Blatant marketing ploy, I mean really cynical. Plus, I think the foil cover was just a slap in the face to long time readers.

Or in other words, yeah, good to see it didn't really finish when it pretended to. It's always interesting to hear his plans (and enthusiasm) and more often than not it's pretty funny too. Win-win ;).

(and free art, bonus)

Much as I can't get enough of Joss' stuff on AXM i'd also really like to see him do something entirely new in comics, new characters, new universe, just to see what he comes up with. Maybe take a break from AXM for a year or so and get some other wunderkind on it while he wanders off into uncharted territory.
I think I laughed for five minutes straight after I saw "New Joe Fridays" on the Newsarama front page. Brilliantly done.

Yorick, I don't think it's so much renewing Joss and John as begging them that Joe would have to do. Which I'm all for, just saying that Joss is the one who plans to end the run after the Annual/Special. Let's hope he get a bunch of those ideas that won't let themselves *not* be written!
Whedon-san. Hee! I really have nothing else. I'm enjoying Astonishing. Which I never thought I'd do. Enjoy a comic book. But Whedon-san has, indeed, shown me the way.

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