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June 09 2006

Photos of Verse guests at Wizard World LA. Christian Kane, Stephanie Romanov, Elisabeth Rohm, Mark Sheppard, and Chistinia Hendricks were at the Booster Events booth that weekend and BE has put up some offical photos from the event. There are also a couple of photos of that "guy in a Whedon costume", who stopped by.

Also Sheriff Lamb from Veronica Mars was there, with
Bruce Michael Hall who was on Passions. As well as a surprise stop by on Sunday by Jason Mewes from the 'Jay & Silent Bob' movies who happens to be a Firefly fan.

I have this new thing for christina hendricks after seein her in a movie in my home ec class... cuz shes a damn good actress, lol

It should also be mentioned that I have a strange crush on Jason Mewes....

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Joss had a exhibitors badge. Was he being an exhibitionist? Enquiring minds wish to know.

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