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June 09 2006

Joss Whedon picks up another award -- The Space Frontier Foundation, a space development advocacy group, taps Joss Whedon for their Future Visions Award.

Previously awarded to the Producers of such shows as Deep Space Nine and Babylon 5, the prize " given to a fictional program or movie which portrays a human future in space that has elements which are inspiring, possible, and at least attempts to work within the realm of physics."

The Award will be presented July 21st, at the Foundation's "NewSpace 2006 Conference" being held in Las Vegas, NV.

(Long time lurker...first post...I'm sure you will let me know if I got something wrong.)

Brilliant! The more awards Joss gets the better.
Good one, Cabot. (and yay, Joss!)
I was actually a little surprised to see our beloved "Serenifly" described as a hard science-fiction series, but other than that I couldn't agree more. Joss put so much thought into this future society--socially, economically, and physically--that it still amazes me, and frustrates me that we missed out on the glimpses we were going to get. And given Joss' self-described math suckage, the show's attention to physics was actually pretty good, a few inevitable problems aside (in "Serenity" particularly, space is suddenly a lot smaller).

And the lack of sound in space is one of the things I love the most about it. It works physically and metaphorically: space really IS an empty, empty place in the 'verse.
Congratulations, Joss. You most certainly deserve it.
In the extra extras on the DVDs there is a tour of the ship with Joss pointing out all the blinking lights because everyone knows blinking lights = Science and everyone will learn a lot of science while watching the movie because of the blinking lights.
And he abruptly trails off and changes the subject.
Yep, he deserves this award. Really, he does. The 'verse is a future I can believe.
This is great! Nobody deserves an award more than Joss.
cheryl wrote:
Nobody deserves an award more than Joss.

Alright. Joss gets an iron cup. Full of Brunswick Stew.

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Good for Joss. And it's great to see him getting an award from a body that really appreciates the depth and texture of the Firefly 'verse.
Joss deserves the Pulitzer! (If I had my way anyway...)

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