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June 09 2006

Paul Levitz, DC Head Honcho, Talks Wonder Woman. Some good (read: new) WW news from the Superman Returns press junket. "I can't emphasize enough how normal it is for these projects to take forever."

I had no idea they were trying to do a Watchmen film. That is very cool. I think they should go about it like they did with Sin City; make the film into a comic instead of making the comic into a film.

Also, didn't Joss have a post on here a while back saying he turned in the WW script?

Ah, here it is.

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He turned it into Joel Silver who gaves it back to him for a bit of rewriting. As far as we have heard, it has not reached the studio yet.
I had no idea they were trying to do a Watchmen film.

Ha, I was coming on to write that exact same thing! Wow, I sure hope that gets made, and done well!

Your right about the Joss post, perhaps they've asked for rewrites? Which, would be uncool, considering Joss is directing. I'd have thought he would have budgeted for everything in his head while writing the movie? Mind you, I know very little about script development, so, perhaps you can't think of budgets and things when your writing, maybe it obscures your thoughts?
nixygirl, the way I see it is that Joss wrote a long script and now he has to trim it down to a 2 hour movie, and polish it up. This is what every professional writer has to do, whether it's books or film. It's all part of the process.
Also, didn't Joss have a post on here a while back saying he turned in the WW script?

Do Warner Bros actually keep DC in the loop?
I feel a little hurt by the fact that he said Joss is "supposedly" turning in a script, as if it's not really going to happen.

But yeah, I believe the trimming down thing. Hasn't Joss admitted a few times that he's needed to trim down eps for his various series and also the script for Serenity because they would run too long? It's a totally natural thing.
Gosh, I hope they don't mess up Watchmen. It'd be too painful to go see if they did. Hasn't the idea of it being made into a flick been tossed around for a loooong time now, anyway?
Yea, of course! Thanx ESG, I never thought of that!
Nine years? I really don't know if I can wait that long. If it does take nine years (or longer) to start shooting, does that mean 'Goners' would be made in the meantime?
Yeah, Watchmen's been in 'development hell' for years now. At one point Terry Gilliam was involved and more recently Paul Greengrass (who did 'The Bourne Supremacy' and 'Bloody Sunday') had a script and some momentum but then it all fell apart (not sure why, possibly budget). Personally, I reckon it's a pretty bad idea. The best I think a film could manage would be to not totally screw the adaptation up, I don't see it adding much and the potential for disaster is high.

Some people say 'supposedly' when they mean 'apparently' as in 'I don't personally know but have been told this is the case' so I wouldn't read too much into that.

Really not keen on waiting nine years either though so hopefully a script gets okayed soon-ish. I'd love a Summer 2007 release but that's looking pretty unlikely (that said, 'Ghost Rider' is apparently being released next February so maybe Winter/Spring 2008 ?).
The Paul Greengrass version of Watchmen fell apart due to the changes higher up at Paramount Pictures.
Wonder Woman has already been "in development" for eight years. IJS.
In the latest Wizard magazine(the mega movie issue) they have a long article on the Watchmen movie and how its been through the ringer with studios and whats going on with it now. Who is attatched so on and so forth. At one point Darren Aronofsky was attatched but his focus was on the Fountain(cant wait for that movie) and then things fell apart. In all honesty I think their are some graphic novels..comic books...and general literature that should not be touched by Hollywood.

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