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June 09 2006

BTVSFigs Ask Diamond 41. This monthly-ish Q&A with the major Buffy and Angel collectible licenser naturally contains quite a few questions about the new products revealed at Wizard World Philadelphia.

Until these people care to talk to us, they can rot on their dolls.
Is it just me or is there a lot of hate between this site and anything Buffy toy related??? Nobody ever seems to like what DST and other companies make for us Buffy and Angel and Firefly and Serenity fans.

Well, I do. Everything they make is awesome.

I haven't seen hate. Folks do have strong opinions about the sculpting of certain action figures, to be sure, but I think it comes from a pure fan place. I say, yay toys! also.
*shakes head* Why are Buffy figures so horrible most of the time?
'' *shakes head* Why are Buffy figures so horrible most of the time?

Gouki | ''

Because they can't afford decent sculptors and they don't often use scans. Thank god the Spike figures were created using scanning or he would have suffered the same horrible fate as both the Xander and Giles figures. Terrible likenes's, both of them.

I don't think It's unreasonable for fans to want their merchandise to actually look something like the characters do you? So to ignore bad sculpting is just daft, in my humble opinion.

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