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June 10 2006

More Drive Casting News. "All but two people have been cast".

Taryn Manning!!! Awesome!

and I loved K Callan in Carnivale, and Alan Ruck, and Melanie Lynskey... this casting is really good. A whole bunch of talented underrated actors.
Hmmm the only Minear connection I can spot is K Callan who was Martha Kent in Lois & Clarke.
Kristin Lehman was on Strange World.
Is it worth getting a multi-region dvd player and importing Wonderfalls and The Inside?
You can more than likely make your existing DVD player multiregion - you can do 99% of them using a remote control. See here.

I'd recommend both Wonderfalls and The Inside. They're both not for everybody (and they're, tonally, different shows from each other - one is light, and is dark) - but they're well written, solid TV.

The thing that makes me excited about Drive right now is that it sounds accessible - or, in other words, it might last more than 13 episodes if it passes pilot stage.
I'm afriad my dvd player cant. Ah well, its probably time to invest in another anyway.

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Wait. "the Inside" on DVD? Is this happening?
Oh, I forgot about that. The Inside isn't actually available on DVD (well, officially).
I haven't seen The Inside (yet) but Wonderfalls is amazing. I think describing it as "solid tv" is underselling it bigtime, to be honest. If you haven't seen it, there's nothing in the non-Whedon universe of TV that I'd recommend more. It's like 570 minutes of pure inspiration.

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The only name I recognize is Brian Bloom, who was in As the World Turns when I was in middle school. He has striking eyes.
I recognised Melanie Lynskey from Two and a Half Men, bad me. She also seems to be starring in a film called the Itty Bitty Titty Committee?!?
Now I am very curious about how to obtain The Inside on dvd. Does anyone know if it is actually going to be on DVD ever?
Steve Sandvoss, who starred in three eps, says it will be out on DVD sometime this year. Tim Minear isn't so sure. And Fox have been non-commital in their email replies to people who have asked with such phrases as "you never know." But then again, if Conviction can get a DVD release so quickly...
Jackal, when and where did Sandvoss say this?
He said it here, somewhere in the middle of the page.
Thanks, Jackal. Doesn't seem very much like a sure thing. Tim has said repeatedly that it ain't gonna happen.

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