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June 10 2006

Whedon Shows in Fan Voting Scheme. This is a site for fans to 'rank' TV programmes, whose aim is to:- "Vote to show TV executives what fans really care about."

It's a fairly new site, and I don't know if it WILL get the attention of any TV execs - but it can't do any harm.

Currently, Buffy is #15, Firefly #22 and Angel #70.

Do Whedon fans really care less than supporters of other shows? I don't think so!

Voting can be done every 5 mins, so get clicking to show your support for your favorite Whedon show!

This is like that other site linked a few weeks back, except instead of voting every hour you can vote every 5 minutes. It's pretty clever getting a lot of fans to vote for their favorite shows over and over on a site with Google ads top and bottom.
Yep, I'm sure those who set up the site have ulterior motives of the green and spendable kind.
But the ads aren't intrusive, and some are even quite interesting (I found info on a Firefly RPG I'd not heard about any other way).

I've been voting on the site for a week now, and not found any problems with viruses, adware, spam or the like.
My little postie about this thing died....*whyyyyyyyyyyy*

anyway come along peeps get cracking nothing wrong with a little healthy competition between die hard fans ;)
I don't mean to be negative, but stuff like this is never going to affect network execs. It maintains no data on demographics, viewing habits, or true number of people, and hence, is of no use/interest to them. This is a common misconception within the scifi community; the Powers That Be don't care if we "really really really really" love a show, they only care about add $.

A more effective strategy at this point would be to petition the new TV Ratings start-up, TNS Media research, to adopt methods which are more friendly to cult shows. Then maybe we could *really have victory over the Nielsens.
There is no way TNS Media/Nielsen would alter their ratings to go in favour of certain types of shows -- they would risk loosing the faith of the networks and advertisers.

This post will probably get removed, as previous ones have - it's not a big site, nor is it Whedon news.
I wondering the point.
Shrug - does it matter if it's only harmless fun competing with fans of other shows?

WE all know that Whedon fans are prolific and faithful - it can't do any harm to be seen as such in an arena that includs TV shows such as Big Brother and One Tree Hill.

May do no good, but it's fun pitting ourselves against others!
No one's making you do it!

At the end of the day its just funny to see who wins. Stuck in the office, I'll take a laugh. I don't see it as wishful thinking or being delusional, because I don't for one second expect this to have any impact on anybody with any influence whatsoever.

But I'll be damned if SG comes in ahead ;)

Ruthie, you're just too quick girl.

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