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June 10 2006

Serenity RPG Fan Resource site with a passel of downloadable resources like character sheets, a map of the 'verse, DIY ship floorplans, and an extrapolated, fully playable version of Tallcard.

Wow, there's some great stuff there - the world guides and the ships are particularly cool.
Is the only "official" map the one in the RPG book? Because we're making up random worlds for our fan film (falling under the category of "other moons" listed in the book), and we don't want fans to lynch us, saying "where the heck did that come from"!
The maps are in the official Visual Companion for the movie, Aurra. I'd very much recommend grabbing a copy if you haven't seen it, as it also has a large background the 'verse written by Joss in it.
I have the official companion, but the maps are also in the official RPG book. So I guess we have our bases covered!
OOf, that last ship design...

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