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March 31 2003

(SPOILER) A fan's report from the recent Pasadena convention. Very interesting news from Nick Brendon and James Marsters (scroll down to the middle of the page).

So James has been asked by Joss to go onto Angel and Nick wants to do a sitcom (yay).

And there's some pics from the convention here.

The only (realistic, TV-oriented) news that could make me happier would be that AtS had officially been renewed.

Please oh please!
Xander has no arc. It's official.
yeah, but he will have that really cool eye patch...
oh please, please, please let spike join the cast of angel!!!!
I'm glad that Nick is looking into developing and doing a sitcom with his wife. Maybe that's where he's going to see tremendous success. I'm disappointed to hear that there was, apparently, NO major story arcs for Xander in season 7. I had hoped that he would get better treatment this time especially since ME probably suspected that this would be the last season of the show.
Can you guys fix the typo in the link? It's "Pasadena," not "Pasenda." :)
It's irrational of me, but I almost feel angry at Nick Brendon for not being angrier about the way his character has been shafted. For god's sake, man, stop being so damn affable!\

Then again, maybe the people who work on the show are just living in some alternate monk-created universe where Spike is the center of all things. That's why only some of us outside their universe can see the true reality (Spike sucks, Xander rocks). :>
I think Brendon's too easygoing. He doesn't seem to care whether he gets a story or not - as long as he's working. If I were a writer and an actor wasn't hungry for it, I wouldn't be giving them a lot either and turn my attention to the keen ones. Such a pity, I really would have liked more Xander.

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