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June 10 2006

Espenson, Fury and Noxon confirmed guests at WorldCon Anaheim. Along with "Serenity" being on the ballot for the Hugos, authors Holder and DeCandido will also be there. One day memberships went on sale June 1.

Unfortunately a schedule doesn't seem to be available yet to indicate who is appearing when.

Wow, that's impressive line up!
I only just got my programming questionnaire, so there's no schedule up because they haven't made it yet. *grin*
Do you have any idea from past experience when the schedule is likely to go up, krad? I'm sort of hoping it will be before the days sell out.
Wow! The questions I could ask these three minds. I trust another of our favorite authors will be there as well, right krad?

I would love to sit in awe just listening to Jane and David breaking a story.
Worldcon schedules aren't usually available until about a month befoehand. Apparently LA already have a draft programme, but with 1,000 speakers to keep track of, the earlier you publish the schedules the more changes there will be by the con.

A Worldcon programme can contain up to 800 events. This is last years programme page with a full listing by time (300kb) here

The day memberships are very unlikely to sell out at all but the rooms where popular speakers are appearing may fill up.

If you can join in advance please do. Worldcon is a non profit making organisation and the money from advance memberships will go back into the event to make it better. Money taken on the day is difficult to spend sensibly on the event and may be passed on to future years. Also early membership will be cheaper for you !

Remember if you buy memberships in advance that also makes you eligible to vote for the Hugos. Deadline for electronic ballots is Midnight, Pacific Daylight Time, 31-Jul-2006.

Currently 3 of the Dr Who writers are also currently planning to attend so I'm hoping for some joint panels with them and the ME authors.

If you haven't been to a Worldcon LACon have published a short guide

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