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June 10 2006

Stylin Online offer more Serenity shirts. Officially licensed, now with 7 designs. Many are 2 for $30, also.

Due to demand they've had many of the shirts reprinted, such as the River ones.

Those seem pretty cool, but I have to be honest, I'd rather just have one of the actual shirts Jayne wears in Serenity, not a shirt with Jayne on it.
Or maybe one with that says I'll be in my bunk. That's probably a more fitting statement for whedonesquers than Let's be bad guys.
Screwtape - try emailing that suggestion to the person who owns the store. I believe they may be in a position to do new shirt designs..
I already emailed the guy about tshirts that Jayne wore. We'll see what he says. Can't hurt to have lots of people making that request!
I'd kill you all for that Buddah one. :D
I'm waiting for the WANTED Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds T shirt which has a picture of Mal and Serenity on it. Also I noticed that Hot Topic has an official Blue Sun T shirt now.
I love the Buddha baby tee. :)
The guy who runs Stylin Online replied to my inquiry, saying that he can get new designs printed officially, but first, he needs to sell the ones he just got in stock. He said he would keep my suggestions (Jayne's t-shirts) in mind for next time.

So, those who want Jayne's t-shirts apparently should (a) email Mr. Stylin and let him know, and (b) buy the tshirts he currently has in stock.
I am very tempted to buy one of the Thunder Cats tshirts. 'cause, you know, THUNDERCATS!
Thundercats! HO!

Now that you mention it, that's a nice t-shirt too.
I really want the buddha baby doll one, but alas...their size chart helps me not!
A lot of the Thundercats shirts are so nice 'cause you can really mess around with that logo and it almost always looks cool. I bought one several years ago (just the basic black T with the logo in the usual red circle) but I ruined it 'cause I wore it to a restaurant job I was working at the time and got bleach on it. A lotta folks asked if it was for a sports team.

I read somewhere not too long ago that a new Thundercats series is in development at Warner Brothers for 2007. It'll probably air on CW. I'll probably check it out. There is precedent for new cartoons being better than their originals. The 2003 TMNT is better in a lot of ways than the cheesier late `80s/`90s version that lasted ten seasons (though I still like the original too, at least some of the eps). Probably the only good cartoon on Fox at the moment, though I lost track at the end of Season 2 ago and will probably check it out again on DVD some day. Saw an ep of the more recent He-Man series that only lasted a couple short seasons, it looked pretty good. Different from the original, didn't watch enough of it to be able to claim it was better.

When it comes to fanboy t-shirts, I usually go for a logo or a variation of the logo as opposed to one with the characters on it. They just appeal more for whatever reason.
They're really lovely! I like the Buddha and "My turn" ones, more than the others... although wish they had them in baby tee size.
Off Topic: After all this time, Saturday I saw my first Serenity tee shirt on a person who was not at a Serenity event. He was walking past me on 43rd St in NYC. I said something about Serenity to the group I was with as he passed, but he did not react as though he had heard. (Not that I really expected him to. I WAS being subtle.)

Of course then I had to explain why I had just noticed someone wearing that particular shirt to the person I was with...who has never seen any of Joss's work. (I hardly ever see her, so I am concerned about lending out my DVD's without any idea of when I would get them back.) The good news is, she then found out that I have been a fan of Garrison Kieller for years, just as she has. Maybe she won't totally discount my obsession interest in Joss Whedon's work. ;-)
obsession? never. more like a lifelong pursuit.

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